Sister Death and 4 more things to watch on Netflix this weekend (and 2 to skip)

Sister Death. Cr: Netflix.
Sister Death. Cr: Netflix. /

With so many options available across a seemingly never-ending number of streaming services, it can be hard to pinpoint what’s new to stream each weekend. Netflix has released several new movies and shows this week, so we’ve created a curated list of content to watch on Netflix this weekend!

From a new Spanish horror movie to the Chris Evans and Emily Blunt-led Pain Hustlers, Netflix has plenty of variety to offer subscribers on the weekend before Halloween. We’re focusing on new releases, but if you’re more interested in watching horror or Halloween-themed movies and shows, you can check out our list of Netflix’s scariest movies right here.

Here are some of the best movies and shows to watch on Netflix this weekend.

Sister Death

Paco Plaza, the director who brought us the iconic Spanish horror films [REC] and Verónica, is back with a new movie on Netflix this weekend! Sister Death is actually a prequel to Verónica, introducing us to a much younger version of the blind nun who helped Verónica in the 2017 film.

Set during post-war Spain, Sister Death follows a young Sister Narcisa after she takes up a teaching position at an all-girls school. Not long after settling in, Narcisa starts having disturbing nightmares and witnesses supernatural activity, leading her on a journey to uncover the school’s dark past.

Verdict: WATCH

Pain Hustlers

Despite featuring a talented cast that includes Captain America himself, Chris Evans, and Emily Blunt, Pain Hustlers is flat-out boring and often feels miscast. The film is based on the book by Evan Hughes and follows the rise and fall of a pharmaceutical company peddling a drug that uses a formulation of the highly-addictive narcotic, fentanyl.

Verdict: SKIP

John Gotti. Cr: Netflix.
John Gotti. Cr: Netflix. /

Get Gotti

A three-episode documentary series showcasing perspectives from both sides of the law, Get Gotti is a gripping saga about how the powerful mob boss John Gotti was finally brought down. The series chronicles his rise to the top and the events that would eventually lead to his downfall, featuring interviews with many of the investigators and prosecutors who worked on the case, plus former mobsters like Anthony Ruggiano Jr. and Sal Polisi.

Verdict: WATCH

Burning Betrayal

If you want to see its two stars Giovanna Lancellotti and Leandro Lima being sexy together in a few genuinely steamy scenes, then Burning Betrayal is right up your alley, especially if you enjoy erotic films like Fifty Shades of Grey or 365 Days. Beyond that, though, don’t expect much of a storyline. But hey, no judgment here if you’re just looking for some hot mindless fluff!

Verdict: SKIP


There’s not a lot of new family-friendly content on Netflix this week, so why not revisit an older movie? Netflix recently added the 2015 Despicable Me spinoff back to its catalog, so now you can watch Minions and Minions: The Rise of Gru, plus several other Minions-centric short films and the first two Despicable Me movies as well.

Verdict: WATCH


Netflix’s latest anime is being praised by many as a smart and competent sci-fi story based on the popular and acclaimed manga by Osamu Tezuka. Taking place in a futuristic world, Pluto follows a society where humans and robots live together in harmony.

Verdict: WATCH

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