How scary is Netflix’s new horror movie Sister Death? (Sister Death content warnings)

Sister Death. Cr: Netflix.
Sister Death. Cr: Netflix. /

Passionate fans of horror movies don’t get scared easily, but for those who are always a little wary about checking out the latest scary movie on Netflix, we can help you decide whether or not the latest, Sister Death from director Paco Plaza, is suitable for you or not.

Sometimes it’s hard to suss out if a horror movie is actually scary (or gory) just going off of the MPAA rating, which usually uses vague language to describe content in a film. For those who have specific triggers or content they want to avoid, that might not be much help.

The following guide details some of the most triggering and disturbing content you’ll see in Sister Death. For starters, I will say that this movie doesn’t really have much bad language, and there aren’t any sex scenes, or romance at all.

However, there is a lot of violence, disturbing imagery, blood, and other things that could be unsettling to some viewers. Here’s what you need to know.

Spoilers ahead for Sister Death

Below I’ve listed all the of the disturbing content found in Sister Death. I tried to keep things as spoiler-free as possible, while still outlining the movie’s most frightening moments and imagery for those who like to know what they’re getting into before watching horror movies.

  • A woman self-flagellates with a small scourge
  • Two people are shown hanging at different points in the film, one is a child and you see them from head to toe
  • Young girl forcefully shoved into a bathtub where she dies
  • Frightening imagery used throughout, including people bleeding and floating, a woman giving birth with a lot of blood on her clothing
  • Woman eats a treat and then realizes its got two eyeballs inside of it, spits them into her hand and they’re bloody and gross with optic nerve attached
  • Woman almost suffocated to death by her wedding dress and veil
  • Woman stares directly into the eclipse until she burns her eyes and goes blind
  • There is a rape scene near the end of the movie, it’s not overly graphic and you only see it from far away or a close-up of the victim, but it’s still disturbing, especially for people triggered by assault, once it happens, the movie flashes back to it several times but it’s on-screen for less than a minute altogether
  • Jump scares are very minimal

Sister Death is now streaming on Netflix.

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