Pain Hustlers parents guide: Is there nudity in Pain Hustlers?

Pain Hustlers - Emily Blunt as Liza in Pain Hustlers. Cr. Betina La Plante/Netflix © 2023.
Pain Hustlers - Emily Blunt as Liza in Pain Hustlers. Cr. Betina La Plante/Netflix © 2023. /

It has been quite a year for stories about the opioid epidemic on Netflix, between Painkiller, The Fall of the House of Usher, and now Pain Hustlers, there’s no shortage of stories about the harmful effect of opioids and big pharma’s hand in it.

Pain Hustlers received an “R” rating for strong language, drug use, some sexual content, and nudity. But those descriptors are quite vague and might not provide enough detail for those who want to know specifics about the movie’s adult content, especially if you have any triggers or are considering watching this movie with family.

I’ll say now that Pain Hustlers isn’t overly graphic, but it does have a lot of foul language and probably isn’t something you want to watch with kids. It’s not the worst thing you could put on, as there aren’t any sex scenes, but it’s clearly a movie geared toward adults.

Drugs and alcohol

Given that the entire story is about a pharmaceutical company and opioids, you expect lots of discussions about drugs and scenes of people using them. There are several parties depicted in Pain Hustlers with adults drinking alcohol and getting drunk. No teen drinking.

Sex and nudity

There aren’t any sex scenes in Pain Hustlers, or romance at all. However, the movie opens with a scene in a strip club and you do see several scantily-clad women, as well as a few who go topless. There’s a few moments where you see women dancing on poles, too, but behind seeing boobs for a few seconds, that’s as far as it goes. Later in the movie, a grown man swims naked and you briefly see his backside.


By far the most “explicit” thing about Pain Hustlers is the language. Characters liberally use the word “f*ck” and other expletives throughout the film.

Additionally, the main characters in the movie are morally bankrupt, although some struggle more with their conscience than others. It’s not a film with any great role models.

Pain Hustlers is streaming now on Netflix. Add the film to your watchlist here.

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