Creature cast: Who stars in the Turkish Netflix series?

Creature Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Creature Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

In light of Halloween coming up, Netflix has released some new spooky content, including the mind-bending series Bodies, a Swedish slasher comedy, and now Creature, a Turkish adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Frankenstein.

Creature isn’t an exact adaptation of Shelley’s book, but it’s clearly inspired by the iconic tale. The story centers on an ambitious medical student named Ziya who crosses paths with a disgraced professor studying human resurrection. When the pair team up to try a dangerous experiment, they’ll soon find themselves faced with tricky moral quandaries and bloodshed.

Americans might not be super familiar with the cast of Creature, as it is a Turkish show, but many of the actors in the series have appear in other Netflix Originals. For those curious to learn more about the talented cast at the forefront of the sci-fi fantasy show, keep reading!

Creature. Taner Ölmez as Ziya in Creature. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Taner Ölmez plays Ziya

Turkish actor Taner Ölmez plays Creature‘s version of Victor Frankenstein. His character is a studious young man named Ziya, bound and determined to resurrect a human, which is how he crosses paths with a professor named Ihsan who has been studying that very thing.

Ölmez is a rising star who has primarily worked in television throughout his career, which began with the Turkish drama series Kayip Sehir. He then went on to appear in Medcezir, the Turkish adaptation of the hit FOX teen drama The O.C., playing Mert Serez, who appears to be the show’s version of Seth Cohen. Ölmez received acclaim for his work in the medical drama A Miracle (Mucize Doktor), for which he earned several awards. He’s married to Turkish actress Ece Cesmioglu.

Additionally, the actor’s romantic thriller series The Protector is also streaming on Netflix.

Creature. Erkan Kolçak Köstendil as İhsan in Creature. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Erkan Kolçak Köstendil plays İhsan

Erkan Kolcak Köstendil is not only an accomplished actor, but a writer, singer, and director. His talents extend beyond the screen to the stage as well. He has a significant theatrical background and has written, and directed, several plays, short films, and even series.

Transitioning to television acting, Köstendil is known for his work in shows like Karlos Nevizade, Bandits, Familya, The Magnificant Century: Kosem, and The Pit, a crime thriller series that earned him multiple accolades. Köstendil plays a former professor and mentor to Ziya who becomes the titular creature in the Netflix show.

A couple of his other projects are on Netflix, including The Fix-It Man and Heartsong.

More Creature cast members:

  • Şifanur Gül plays Asiye
  • Engin Benli as Muzaffer
  • Bülent Şakrak as Ömer Kaptan
  • Sema Çeyrekbaşı as Hüsniye Nine
  • Devrim Yakut as Ofelya
  • Şahsuvar Aktaş as Hamdi
  • Durul Bazan as Vasili
  • Macit Koper as Süleyman
  • Ekremcan Arslandag as Yunus
  • Ümmü Putgül as Gülfem
  • Şennur Nogaylar as Seher Nine
  • Burcu Soyler as Esma

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