10 unsolved Gilmore Girls mysteries we still think about

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Gilmore Girls
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5. The town loner’s protest platform

In season 3 episode 6, titled “Take the Deviled Eggs…” (which is one of the BEST episodes of the series), the Stars Hollow town loner makes an attempt to host a demonstration from the church bell tower, but with the whole town looking up at him, he rips his backwards banner and no one can hear what he’s screaming. (Shockingly, it’s not “stop the noodle scooz.”) Lorelai hypothesizes the protest could be about the inability to communicate since he’s not communicating efficiently. Who know, maybe he could have created some real change if he’d gotten it right.

4. What did Emily buy for Lorelai and Max’s wedding?

After Lorelai calls off her wedding to Max and shares that information with her mother, Emily won’t reveal the gift she purchased for the wedding. And Lorelai really wants to know. One thing about Lorelai, you can’t dangle a carrot like that in front of her! Some devoted fans have theorized that the mysterious ice cream maker that arrives at Lorelai’s house as a late wedding gift in season 2 episode 9 came from Emily, but there’s no confirmation. All I know is, Emily seemed disappointed she wouldn’t be able to give her daughter a wedding present. So, what was it?!

3. Lane’s dad’s whereabouts

Throughout all seven seasons, the series explored the complex relationship between the moderately rebellious Lane (she just wanted to date boys and play the drums!) and her staunchly traditional mother. Even though there were infrequent references to her father being around, we never actually met him. Where was he hiding all those years?!

In a way, it makes sense that Lane’s dad was an unseen character (not unlike those in sitcoms, such as Maris in Frasier). The series already boasted an overflowing ensemble cast as well as a chorus of colorful characters around Stars Hollow, and it’s a show that mainly examines the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters. But we still wanted to meet him!