10 unsolved Gilmore Girls mysteries we still think about

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9. Emily Gilmore’s pre-Richard backstory

Aside from a few small details, including the fact that she has a sister named Hope who lives in Paris, there’s not a lot of information known about the enigmatic Emily Gilmore. We don’t even learn her maiden name at any point of the series! While it’s ultimately not super important, it would be amazing to have been able to see what made Emily the wife, mother, and grandmother she is. What was she like as a teenager? What were her parents like? Did she continue any patterns? Suddenly, we need an Emily Gilmore prequel series.

8. What happened to Rory’s Yale mattress?

Okay, this is one of the most unserious entries on this list, but inquiring minds need to know what became of the mattress. The mattress that caused all kinds of drama and chaos on Rory’s first day at Yale. For those who may have forgotten: Lorelai removed the mattress in Rory’s dorm room with a new one and drove the original mattress back and forth in Luke’s truck. Did they ever return the mattress, or did Rory get fined? We’ll never know the outcome of mattress-gate 2003.

7. Sookie and Jackson’s third child’s name

After getting married in season 2, Sookie and Jackson become the proud parents of Davey (in the season 4 episode “The Festival of Living Art”) and Martha (in the season 5 episode “Blame Booze and Melville”). In the seventh and final season, Sookie becomes pregnant again with their third child, though it’s never revealed — not even in A Year in the Life — what she and Jackson named their new baby. Considering Martha received the middle names Janice Lori Ethan Rupert Glenda Carson Daisy Danny, it’s a wonder they had a name left for baby number 3.

6. Who sent Emily the letter in A Year in the Life?

In a therapy session in A Year in the Life, Emily reveals she received a hurtful letter on her birthday and assumed it came from Lorelai. However, Lorelai insists she did not send the “heinous” letter to her mother. The mystery letter is brought up once but never again, a strange plot hole that ultimately doesn’t change anything but leaves fans wondering. What was in the letter and who would have sent such a thing to Emily on her birthday? This could have been the chance to bring her sister Hope into the fold for an added layer to Emily.