Who plays Carmie in I Woke Up a Vampire? (Kaileen Angelic Chang age, Instagram, roles, and more)

I Woke Up A Vampire. Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023
I Woke Up A Vampire. Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023 /

I Woke Up a Vampire is one of Netflix’s top shows at the moment. It follows a tween girl who on her 13th birthday finds out she’s a half-vampire, half-human. Of course, things only become complicated for her going forward, with a vampire hunter set on hunting her down while also dealing with typical teenage problems.

Young actress Kaileen Angelic Chang stars as the protagonist, Carmie Henley. On the morning of her 13th birthday, Carmie wakes up to find she has superpowers. With the help of her comic book nerd best friend, she finds out what she really is: a Blended. A Blended is the offspring of a Mythic (monster) and a human. Her type of blended creature is a mixture of a vampire and a human.

While Carmie is excited to explore her new supernatural powers, she quickly realizes that keeping her true identity a secret from her family and peers won’t be easy. And what is a teen girl to do when she’s making enemies left and right just because of who she is? Poor Carmie.

We absolutely loved watching Kaileen Angelic Chang play the role of Carmie. She was the perfect fit for the character, and after watching her in all eight episodes of the first season, we’re eager to know more about her. If you’re just as curious as us, be sure to read on because we shared all the juicy deets about the talented actress.

Kaileen Angelic Chang - I Woke Up a Vampire
I Woke Up A Vampire. (L-R) Niko Ceci as Kev and Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023 /

How old is Kaileen Angelic Chang?

Kaileen was born on July 19, 2009, making her 14 years old and her astrological sign Cancer. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and is still currently living there. Additionally, she’s of Taiwanese and Latin American descent. While her exact height is unknown, she looks to be somewhere between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 4 inches tall. She also has long black hair and dark brown eyes.

Check out these quick facts about Kaileen Angelic Chang:

  • Kaileen loves spending time with family, fencing, cooking, sewing, fashion, swimming, and skincare.
  • Kaileen started competitive ice skating at a young age as well as ballet. She even dabbled in some musical theatre.
  • Kaileen loves to have a good time and tries to keep a positive mindset.
  • Kaileen is proficient in ASL (American Sign Language).

Yes, Kaileen has an Instagram. You can follow this rising star @kaileenchang. She has over 3k followers and 14 posts. This number is steadily increasing now that I Woke Up a Vampire is out on Netflix. Most of her posts are selfies, professional photos, and content related to the new teen series. Fingers crossed that she starts posting more. You should definitely check out her page and hit that follow button if you like the content she posts.

I Woke Up a Vampire season 2 - Kaileen Angelic Chang
I Woke Up A Vampire. Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023 /

Kaileen’s role as Carmie in I Woke Up a Vampire is actually her first major role. She had only starred in short films in the past. Some of those short films are called Dead GiveawayBack in Time and A Crazy Daisy Disaster.

But although Kaileen hasn’t been in much just yet, we can definitely see her taking on more projects very soon. She’s very gifted, and we can’t wait to see what she stars in next!

You can catch Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie in I Woke Up a Vampire, streaming now on Netflix.

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