This hilarious Beckham documentary moment proves David and Victoria are still relationship goals


The life and career of legendary pro footballer David Beckham was put under the microscope for the four-part Netflix documentary series Beckham. From his earliest memories of playing the sport to the red card heard round the world, all of the key moments from his 30 years in the spotlight are explored, including his marriage to former Spice Girl and designer Victoria.

In 1997, the star athlete and the pop star met at a soccer match, and though he thought he missed his opportunity with Posh, she attended another match the following week. The couple announced their engagement in January 1998, had their first child in March 1999, and officially tied the knot in July 1999. Three more kids and 24 years later, the couple are still finding ways to prove that not only does true love exist but they’re the textbook definition.

As David’s wife and partner throughout his entire rise through the footballer ranks, she’s featured a lot in Beckham, offering her perspective on what David endured when the world turned on him and the frenzy they faced as a couple. “Posh and Becks” were a tabloid fixture, and no one knows what that craziness was like on the other side of the paparazzi’s camera lens better than them.

One of Victoria’s first interviews in the Beckham documentary finds her explaining her initial attraction to David and what drew them to each other. She attempts to compare both of their families as “working class,” but David pops his head through the doorway to make sure she’s being honest. Although she tries her best to push past David’s line of questioning, she admits her father drove a Rolls-Royce car in the 1980s. It’s such a funny and endearing moment that captures their playful relationship dynamic!

How could you just not immediately love them after watching that moment in the documentary? For as much media attention as they have gotten in their nearly 30-year relationship and their jaw-dropping combined net worth of an estimated $515 million, it’s refreshingly normal to see them keep each other humble while also being each other’s biggest fans.

Throughout the documentary, Victoria couldn’t be more explicit on her stance regarding football. She never liked the sport and still doesn’t, but she loved watching David play and supporting him. There are tons of clips of Victoria in the stands at his games, first on her own then with their children. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the safest scenario for the Beckham family, as there were frequent kidnapping threats against Victoria and their son Brooklyn.

Beckham documentary
Inter Miami’s co-owner David Beckham is hugged by wife English fashion designer Victoria Beckham after Inter Miami won the Leagues Cup final football match against Nashville SC at Geodis Park in Nashville, Tennessee, on August 19, 2023. (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP) (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images) /

Even with all of the ups and downs of cheating allegations, abuse from football fans, and the endless media attention swarming around them, their love for each other was always the most important. Whenever David’s career took him to unexpected places, like Spain or Los Angeles or Paris, they found balance and stability in each other and their family. I mean, their love is so strong that David has gifted Victoria at least 15 engagement rings over the years!

But what that moment from the documentary shows more than anything is a normal, bickering married couple who just so happens to have some incredible athletic and musical records to their names. Their impact on pop culture as the “It” powercouple has truly been unmatched, but their impact on each other is nothing short of inspiring and adorable.

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