Netflix is adding 25 new movies and shows this week (Oct. 15, 2023)

Bodies. Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as DS Whiteman in Bodies. Cr. Matt Towers/Netflix ©.
Bodies. Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as DS Whiteman in Bodies. Cr. Matt Towers/Netflix ©. /

It’s a new week, and as always, that means Netflix is adding a bunch of new movies and shows. This week, the new additions include everything from a new documentary to a new limited series to a new season of a Netflix Original animated series.

First up is The Devil On Trial. The new documentary follows the first time demonic possession was used as a means of defense in a US murder trial. Using firsthand accounts and reenactments, those involved discuss the murder, the trial, and how fear of the unknown played into the real-life events. The documentary hits Netflix on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023.

Check out the trailer here:

Bodies is also coming to Netflix this week. It comes to the streaming service on Thursday, Oct. 19. The limited series shows four detectives trying to solve the murder of one man, but the detectives are from four different time periods in the past, present, and future. How can that be possible? To find out, they’ll have to first solve the murder.

Bodies and Big Mouth season 7 on Netflix this week

The cast includes Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Amaka Okafor, Shira Haas, Kyle Soller, Tom Mothersdale, Synnove Karlsen, and Stephen Graham.

Take a peek at the trailer here:

Big Mouth season 7 is also back this week. The animated series follows the students at Bridgeton Middle School as they finally head to high school. The hormones can only get worse! There will be new Hormone Monsters, new friends, new adversaries, and new feelings. The new (and penultimate) season hits Netflix on Friday, Oct. 20.

Check out the trailer for the new season here:

This week also brings Camp Courage on Sunday, Oct. 15, I Woke Up A Vampire on Oct. 17, and Elite season 7 on Friday, Oct. 20

New on Netflix this week: Oct. 15-21

Oct. 15

Camp Courage

Oct. 16

Oggy Oggy season 3

Oct. 17

The Devil on Trial
Heather McMahan: Son I Never Had
I Woke Up A Vampire
Silver Linings Playbook

Oct. 18

Kaala Paani

Oct. 19

American Ninja Warrior seasons 12-13
Bebefinn season 2
Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix
Crashing Eid
Crypto Boy
Ghost Hunters seasons 8-9

Oct. 20

Big Mouth season 7
Disco Inferno
Elite season 7
Kandasamys: The Baby
Old Dads
Surviving Paradise
Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris

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