Who is the killer in The Conference on Netflix?

The Conference. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
The Conference. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The Conference is a bloody Swedish slasher about a group of public sector employees on a retreat who soon find themselves being terrorized and brutally murdered one by one. A murderer steals the company’s new mascot head to cover himself up as he starts executing everyone at the retreat. But who is the murderer?

Spoilers ahead for The Conference on Netflix

Before revealing the killer’s identity, we need to provide some context to the story. The employees are on a retreat to celebrate breaking ground on a new shopping mall in the area. But to get the shopping mall, they had to kick people off of their land to build it.

One person in particular was a farmer named Pålsson. Supposedly, the company agreed to pay him in exchange for taking his land and signed a contract stating that. Lina (Katia Winter) notices that the wording of the new contract is devoid of any mention of compensation for Pålsson and soon unravels a paper trail of deception and forgery leading back to her colleague, Jonas (Adam Lundgren).

Pålsson hanged himself after losing his farm and livelihood. It probably didn’t help that he ended up getting screwed out of any money to help his family. So the murderer in The Conference is actually Pålsson’s son.

At first, the group thinks the killer might be a former disgruntled employee named Frans. Annette (Cecilia Nilsson) admits she is still friends with Frans and had told him about the retreat. In the past, Frans had proven himself capable of violence when he attacked Ingela (Maria Sid). But once Annette comes face-to-face with the killer and unmasks him, she realizes it’s not him (much too late).

Amir (Amed Bozan) notices a newspaper with a headline about how the citizens of Kolarängen, the town that the shopping mall is being built in, won’t back down without a fight, and realizes that murderer must be connected to Pålsson.

In the end, Nadja (Bahar Pars) beheads him before he can finish killing everyone and Lina makes sure that Jonas gets his just desserts after he tries attacking her to protect his shady business dealings.

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