Fair Play ending spoilers: Does Emily get revenge on Luke? Does she keep her job?

Fair Play. Alden Ehrenreich as Luke in Fair Play. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix
Fair Play. Alden Ehrenreich as Luke in Fair Play. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix /

Fair Play is an anxiety-inducing new thriller on Netflix starring Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton) and Alden Ehrenreich (Cocaine Bear) as a couple who finds their relationship pushed to its absolute limits when one of them gets promoted over the other in their shared place of employment.

When Emily (Dynevor) finds out she has received a promotion that her fiancé Luke (Ehrenreich) was anticipating, things quickly take a vicious and vengeful turn. Luke cannot seem to accept that Emily received the promotion because she’s simply better at her job than he is. Things escalate significantly throughout the film until the dramatic climax.

For those who cannot stop biting their nails while watching this movie because you’re dying to know what’s going to happen between Emily and Luke, you’ve come to the right place. Does Emily get revenge on her cowardly significant other? How do things shake out at their job? Here’s what you need to know about how Fair Play ends.

Major spoilers ahead for the end of Fair Play on Netflix

After his attempts to sabotage Emily’s new career, things come to an explosive head between Emily and Luke during their engagement party, which they can’t get out of because Emily continually blows off her mom to the point that everything is prepared and ready to go before she cancel it or tell her mother that their relationship is in a downward spiral.

Luke eventually has a meltdown at the office, humiliating himself in front of everyone, specifically their boss, Campbell (Eddie Marsan). Because of this, Emily doesn’t even expect him to show up to the engagement party, but he does, clearly as another ploy to mess with her head.

They get into a vicious argument in front of everyone, one that ends with Luke accusing Emily of sleeping with Campbell to get her promotion over him. She breaks a glass over his head and then he follows her into the bathroom where their fight continues.

Luke and Emily’s argument boils over with a mixture of sexual tension and aggression. They start kissing and at first it seems like they might have angry sex, but it quickly becomes apparent that Luke is only interested in screwing Emily if he can assert some sort of twisted dominance over her.

As he becomes more forceful, slamming Emily’s head into the bathroom sink, she asks him to stop, but Luke rapes her anyway. It’s super disturbing and marks the final nail in the coffin of their relationship.

Fair Play
Fair Play. (L to R) Alden Ehrenreich as Luke and Phoebe Dynevor as Emily in Fair Play. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix /

Fair Play’s ending is a dark mirror of its sexy start

In the final scenes of the movie, Emily visits Campbell and spins a story about how she and Luke were never really together. She claims Luke has been stalking her and made up a fantasy about their life together this whole time. After what he did, I don’t blame her in the least for throwing him under the bus. Campbell assures Emily that after the stunt he pulled in the office, he’s done. No firm will touch him.

He implies that he knows Emily is lying, though she really didn’t need to. Emily makes the firm more money, so she was always going to keep her job over Luke. Plus, Campbell told her earlier in the movie that they had planned to let Luke burn himself out anyway, so she kind of did him a favor in the long run.

The last scene of Fair Play has Emily confronting Luke about what he did to her. Of course, Luke doesn’t see what happened as rape and says they “both got carried away.” But Emily has reached her threshold of tolerance. She picks up a kitchen knife and threatens Luke with it, forcing him to beg for mercy, apologize to her, and apologize specifically for raping her.

She cuts him a few times, reducing him to tears as he pleads for forgiveness. Then, and only then, does she let him go and tell him that she’s officially done with him, before, I assume, walking out of his life forever.

It’s quite a powerful ending, especially when you recall how the movie bookends itself with several parallels. It begins with a sexy bathroom scene and ends with a violent one, and also ends and begins in bloodshed.

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