7 most irritating Gilmore Girls characters, ranked

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Dean in Gilmore Girls

2. Dean

Ah, Dean. He starts off so strong! Dean is Rory’s first real love interest in Gilmore Girls, being introduced in the first season. Their budding romance is so adorable when they’re in high school, but they eventually face a long list of challenges, and I would probably have to side with Rory on all of them.

The love triangle between Rory, Dean, and Jess becomes a central storyline of the show, and believe me when I say it gets messy. Rory might not handle it perfectly, but when Dean shows his true colors, we learn that a lot of his qualities are really questionable. He’s very possessive and jealous, something that easily irritates the viewer. Plus, he’s not trustworthy. He cheats on his wife Lindsay with Rory later on in the show, and to be honest, both he and Rory are really annoying about it.

Dean might seem like a good fit for Rory on paper, especially in the beginning, but she dodges a bullet not ending up with him.

1. Christopher

You had to know Christopher would land the number one spot on the list, right? Though he doesn’t have as much screen time as some of the characters on this list, he plays a significant role in his ex Lorelai and their daughter Rory’s life, serving as the absent dad who shows up when it’s convenient to him. And somehow, Christopher only gets worse as Gilmore Girls goes on.

Introduced early in the show, Christopher is established as a very unreliable person. His involvement in Rory’s childhood is inconsistent, which on its own is really frustrating. Though he and Lorelai might still have feelings for one another, their relationship just can never work because of his inability to commit. Unfortunately, Christopher ends up being a disruption to Rory and Lorelai’s lives, and nothing is ever easy with him.

Christopher interferes with Lorelai’s relationships and toys with Rory’s feelings, making him an all-around annoying character, which is putting it very nicely.

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