7 most irritating Gilmore Girls characters, ranked

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4. Paris

Paris Geller is introduced in the first season of Gilmore Girls and eventually becomes one of Rory’s closest friends. She certainly gets less irritating as the show goes on, but let’s face it — she can be extremely annoying. Incredibly intelligent, ambitious, and competitive, Paris and Rory initially have a rivalry that Paris takes way too seriously. I know college is important, but she’s way too high-strung about it all.

Though she’s smart, Paris lacks a lot of emotional intelligence. She’s very blunt and has no filter when she speaks to people, which is super off-putting. This quality, along with the fact that she’s an overachiever, makes her very aggravating for most of the show. She definitely improves, but similar to Kirk, it’s more that you’re getting used to Paris by the end of the show. The thing that makes her a better character than Kirk, however, is that she shows tremendous character growth which I really appreciate.

Gilmore Girls

3. Logan

If you were wondering if all of Rory’s main love interests are on this list, they most certainly are! When you’re rooting for the protagonist in a show, you’re bound to become annoyed by the people they date, especially when they cause so many issues in their relationship. Case in point: Logan Huntzberger. I can confidently say I very much dislike this character.

Rory first meets Logan at Yale in the fifth season and they share a friendship before forming a romance. Logan is part of a very wealthy family which proves to be difficult when he and Rory realize their differing backgrounds cause them to disagree on a lot of important things.

Though their initial connection cannot be denied and they share so many fun moments, I don’t think Rory and Logan are meant for each other. Logan is entitled and annoying, and let’s not forget the fact that he cheats on Rory when he thinks they’re on a break. Sure, you could call it a misunderstanding, but it still devastates Rory.

He might not be the worst boyfriend of all time, but Logan is certainly one of the most irritating characters in Gilmore Girls.