7 most irritating Gilmore Girls characters, ranked

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April in Gilmore Girls

6. April

Another relative to Luke Danes who comes to Stars Hollow, April is the daughter of a woman Luke had a previous fling with, and it’s eventually confirmed that she’s his daughter. She’s introduced in the sixth season when she wants to find out who her dad is, and it’s easy to understand why fans don’t love her storyline. At least at the start, April is an annoying middle schooler and her appearance throws a wrench into Luke and Lorelai’s relationship. That said, it’s not really her fault. Luke’s the one who decides to keep April a secret from Lorelai, which is totally wrong.

It’s not so much that April herself is irritating, but her storyline certainly is. Just as Luke and Lorelai are ready to take the next step, someone has to enter the picture to stop that from happening. She’s just a kid, and she definitely means well, which is why April is low on the list. But her earlier episodes especially are quite bothersome.

Kirk in Gilmore Girls

5. Kirk

A recurring character throughout Gilmore Girls, Kirk is someone you definitely get used to as the seasons go on, but I’d call him an acquired taste. His quirky personality makes him a standout member of the Stars Hollow community, where he’s known to take on a number of odd jobs and somehow always be involved in what’s going on.

While Kirk definitely brings humor to any scene he’s in, his constant presence around town also gets a little annoying at times. His storylines tend to be very unrealistic, and even though he’s seen and heard a lot throughout the show, he has very little character growth. He’s thrown in for comedic effect but that gets pretty stale.