7 most irritating Gilmore Girls characters, ranked

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Milo Ventimiglia
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Although we haven’t seen new episodes of Gilmore Girls since the revival debuted on Netflix in 2016, the wholesome dramedy still continues to resonate with audiences as new generations are starting their very first watch, and diehard fans are reliving their favorite episodes. It’s not hard to understand why the series is a comfort show for many, myself included. It’s a fantastic option for the fall time, especially if you’re not into spooky movies and shows. There’s just something so magical about the series that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

That said, not every moment or character is as wholesome as others. There are several episodes I would consider a “skip,” while there are scenes that drive me absolutely crazy. I know many viewers get annoyed with the main characters Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, but I promise you, there are far worse.

So let’s discuss the most irritating Gilmore Girls characters, starting with one I can’t deny I love — despite how frustrating he can be.

7. Jess

Jess Mariano is introduced in the second season of Gilmore Girls after he comes to live with his uncle Luke. His relationship with his mom is incredibly strained and it becomes apparent pretty quickly that Jess is a total rebel, but also very smart and creative. Though on the surface they seem to be total opposites, Jess and Rory eventually strike up a romance that many fans, including myself, root for. However, Jess makes things really complicated. And that’s why he’s so frustrating.

Jess struggles with commitment and communication, which is likely because of his upbringing. I really feel for him, but at the same time, he creates problems out of nowhere and can never be happy, even with Rory.

Though he challenges Rory and pushes her out of her comfort zone, he’s also unfair to her on multiple occasions and at the end of the day, is a bad influence on her. I can empathize with Jess, which is the only reason he’s not higher on this list.