Where was Surviving Summer season 2 filmed? (filming locations)

Surviving Summer S2. Annabel Wolfe as Wren in Surviving Summer S2. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Surviving Summer S2. Annabel Wolfe as Wren in Surviving Summer S2. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Surviving Summer is back, and this season will surely have you on the edge of your seat! In Surviving Summer season 2, Summer Torres returns to the small surfing town of Shorehaven to make her dreams come true while her old friends deal with their own issues.

The second season takes place a year after the first season. After returning home to New York at the end of the first season, Summer realized she had a newfound love for surfing. So, she decided to spend her time capturing waves and perfecting her surfing skills at Rockaway Beach.

Now, she’s ready to show her old friends and the judges that she has what it takes to be on the State Team and compete at Nationals. But it’s not going to be a smooth sailing journey for Summer because she finds herself having to navigate new and old romances while also dealing with a fierce surfing rival at the same time.

Sky Katz reprises her role as extroverted teen Summer Torres. In addition, Kai Lewins (Ari), Lilliana Bowrey (Poppy), João Gabriel Marinho (Marlon), and Savannah La Rain (Bodhi) return in their roles as Summer’s old friends from Down Under. Lastly, Annabel Wolfe, Josh Macqueen, and Olympia Valance join the season 2 cast as a talented surfing family who move to Shorehaven and cause trouble for Summer and her friend group.

Surviving Summer season 2 filming locations

Production on the second season reportedly started in early February 2023 and wrapped up in late March 2023. According to Variety Australia, the second season was filmed on the beautiful beaches and the scenic Surf Coast along the Great Ocean Road on Wadawurrung Country in Victoria, Australia.

Here are some of the filming locations where scenes were shot via Ausfilm:

  • Bells Beach – A beach located in Victoria, Australia.
  • Jan Juc Beach – A beach located in Victoria, Australia.
  • Anglesea’s Point Roadknight Beach – A beach located in Victoria, Australia.
  • Anglesea – A town located in Victoria, Australia.

Filming also took place around the coastal towns of Byron Bay and Kingscliff in New South Wales, Australia.

Is Shorehaven a real town from Surviving Summer?

I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to visit Shorehaven because it’s not a real surfing town located in Australia. It’s a fictional town made up by the creators of the show. However, you can visit the filming locations we listed above.

Be sure to check out Surviving Summer season 2, streaming now on Netflix.

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