Once Upon a Crime parents guide: Is the movie okay for kids?

Once Upon a CrimeImage Courtesy Netflix
Once Upon a CrimeImage Courtesy Netflix /

Once Upon a Crime is a new Netflix movie perfect for families to watch together! Taking place in an extravagant fairy tale world, the Japanese comedy follows Little Red Riding Hood as she investigates a murder. Who could have committed this crime? Could it be Cinderella? The Prince? Maybe even the King? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Even though Once Upon a Crime has been billed as a family-friendly offering, sometimes parents and guardians like to double-check what kind of content they should anticipate from a project before letting their children watch it. We can help you determine if Once Upon a Crime is the right choice for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about the film’s age rating and the Once Upon a Crime parents guide.

Once Upon a Crime age rating

Once Upon a Crime is rated TV-PG, meaning parental guidance is suggested because material present in this movie might be unsuitable for young viewers. It received that rating for fear.

Is there anything scary in Once Upon a Crime?

Netflix has categorized the Japanese film as a kids and family movie, so while the TV-PG rating is for “fear,” I don’t think parents need to worry too much about anything scary in the film as it is a quirky fantasy/comedy. The fear descriptor means there might be some images or sounds that could be scary to young viewers.

Is Once Upon a Crime violent or gory?

The film does feature a murder but it’s shown off-screen. The body of a hairdresser is found in the woods and that’s what kicks the plot off as it’s a murder mystery where Little Red tries to solve the crime. Nothing explicit or graphic is shown.

Is there any sex or nudity in Once Upon a Crime?

Considering the film is for families and only received a TV-PG rating, we can safely say that there isn’t any graphic nudity or sex in the film.

Is there explicit language in Once Upon a Crime?

Again, while there might be some mild curse words like “hell” or “damn,” parents shouldn’t need to be concerned about the usage of strong language and if there is any adult humor, it’ll likely fly over their kids’ heads.

Watch the trailer to get a better idea of the movie’s vibe:

Once Upon a Crime is now on Netflix. Add the film to your watchlist here.

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