How many seasons of The Chosen are on Netflix?

The popular crowd-funded historical drama series The Chosen (not to be confused with Netflix Original series The Chosen One despite their similar premises) has been added to Netflix! Set during the first century, The Chosen centers on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Jonathan Roumie stars in the lead role of Jesus.

Since its original debut in 2017, The Chosen has become a massively popular Christian show. Not only do episodes air for free on the show’s official website and app, it has also been translated into hundreds of languages and licensed to various streaming services around the world. Some special episodes have even received theatrical releases. It has been renewed through season 7.

Netflix has a strong track record for adding older shows to its service to bring in new viewers and The Chosen seems like a great fit for the streamer. How many seasons are available on Netflix right now?

How many seasons of The Chosen are on Netflix?

Get ready to jump on the hype train for The Chosen because the first season of the show is now streaming on Netflix. Episode lengths vary significantly, with some episodes as short as 20 minutes and others around 100 minutes (typically for specials).

How many episodes of The Chosen are there?

There are currently 26 episodes of the show, including the original pilot episode and a Christmas special. For now, only eight episodes are available on Netflix.

  • Pilot
  • Season 1: 8 episodes
  • Season 2: 8 episodes
  • Christmas Special
  • Season 3: 8 episodes

Where to watch the rest of The Chosen

The good news is that even though not all episodes of The Chosen are available on Netflix, there are plenty of other places to watch the series. It is currently streaming on Peacock, Tubi, and Prime Video. The CW also purchased the rights to the show and will be broadcasting it regularly in the US.

Will the rest of The Chosen come to Netflix?

It seems likely that the rest of The Chosen will be on Netflix eventually because the show is streaming in so many places. Since Netflix already has the first season, it’s likely the remaining seasons will be added in time. Netflix has similar plans in action for shows like Outlander and Call the Midwife.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for updates on when future seasons of The Chosen will come to Netflix.