Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on Netflix?

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon season 1 key art
The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon season 1 key art /

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon picks up after the main series and sees what happens to Daryl next. Where can you stream the series online?

It’s almost time for another The Walking Dead series. This time, we get to follow Daryl Dixon. He left The Commonwealth at the end of the main series, and the original plan was for Daryl to go off with Carol. That had to change when Melissa McBride wasn’t available for the new spin-off.

Daryl has ended up in Paris, France somehow.  He has no idea how that happened, and over the course of the six episodes of the series, he needs to piece together everything that happened since we last saw him in The Walking Dead series finale. Of course, he wants to get back to his home and away from the origin of the zombie outbreak.

Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on Netflix?

We start with some bad news about the series. This is not one that airs on Netflix. Like other The Walking Dead shows, the series will air on Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. Episodes will then be available to stream on AMC+ the following day.

AMC+ has become the streaming home for a lot of AMC Network shows. While the original The Walking Dead series remains on Netflix, the spin-offs haven’t made it over, especially the most recent ones. If we start to see the likes of World Beyond and Dead City head to Netflix, then we could expect to see Daryl Dixon eventually make its way over.

This is a weekly release show. After all, AMC is a premium cable network rather than an actual streaming network. You’ll get to watch new episodes each Sunday night. There are only six episodes to the series.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs Sundays on AMC.

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