Are Virgin River stars Colin Lawrence and Kandyse McClure dating in real life?

As Virgin River made its eagerly anticipated return to Netflix with its fifth season on September 7, 2023, fans were once again swept up in the rollercoaster of emotions that the beloved series never fails to deliver.

A standout feature of this latest installment is the blossoming romance between Colin Lawrence’s character, Preacher, and Kandyse McClure’s character, Kaia. Their on-screen chemistry sizzles, leaving audiences entranced by their characters’ journey. Yet, as their on-screen love story unfolds, it’s only natural for fans to wonder if the sparks between Colin Lawrence and Kandyse McClure extend beyond the confines of the Virgin River set.

If you’re curious about the personal lives of Colin Lawrence and Kandyse McClure, and whether their on-screen chemistry transcends into real life, you’re in for a treat! Join us as we unravel all the details you’ve been craving, and much more below!

Are Virgin River’s Colin Lawrence and Kandyse McClure dating in real life?

Despite the undeniable chemistry they bring to their on-screen roles, it turns out that the two Virgin River actors aren’t romantically involved off-screen. In fact, plenty of sources confirm that both Colin Lawrence and Kandyse McClure are happily married to their respective partners.

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Who is Colin Lawrence married to?

While Colin Lawrence may not be romantically linked to his season 5 co-star, there’s a heartwarming love story of his own within the Virgin River cast. In real life, Colin Lawrence has been happily married to Lucia Walters, known for her role as Julia in Virgin River, for over two decades! Their journey together began back in 1999 when they exchanged vows, and as of 2023, they have celebrated 24 years of marriage!

The couple’s love story has not only stood the test of time but has also blossomed into a beautiful family. Colin Lawrence and Lucia Walters are proud parents to two daughters. In a delightful twist of fate, according to Pure Wow, one of their daughters, Bianca Lawrence, has followed in her parents’ footsteps and made her mark in the entertainment industry. Bianca has graced the screens in TV shows such as Supergirl and Day of the Dead, and she even had the privilege of sharing the spotlight with her father in the Lifetime film, Dancing Through the Snow.

Who is Kandyse McClure married to?

Kandyse McClure is married to Ian Cylenz Lee, a talented musician who also happens to be the owner of Black Gold Production.

Their journey to love took a significant step forward in December 2012 when they got engaged, a memorable moment that coincided with a visit to Kandyse’s family in South Africa. While their love story has spanned several years, the exact date of their marriage remains a private and cherished part of their relationship!