Who is Ava in Virgin River season 5? (character explained)

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Virgin River season 5 has finally arrived, and the new season has introduced a number of brand-new characters that arrive in town to either mix up the dynamics, give our characters a new friend, or (in some cases) both.

In season 5, we meet both Kaia and Lark, two characters who become love interests for Preacher and Brady respectively. But we also meet Ava, another new character and a relative of a late Virgin River community member. Ava becomes close friends with our fearless lead, Mel.

Looking for more background on Ava and the performer who plays her? Here’s all the background you need to know about Ava and some facts about new Virgin River recurring cast member Libby Osler!

Who is Ava in Virgin River season 5?

The fifth season of Virgin River introduces Ava, one of the daughters of the deceased character Lilly. Prior to season 5, we had only met Ava’s sisters Tara (Stacey Farber) and Chloe, who is the baby Lilly unexpectedly gave birth to in a previous season. She arrives in town from Portland and becomes close friends with Mel.

One of the few queer characters in the show, Ava mentions to Mel that she has an ex-girlfriend back home in Portland. While in Virgin River, she’s suffering from endometriosis, the pain from which causes her to pass out during the wildfires. Ava considers having a hysterectomy but doubts the decision due to possibly wanting to have children. Later, she decides to freeze her eggs before going through with the surgery.

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Who plays Ava in Virgin River?

Libby Osler portrays Ava in Virgin River season 5. While Osler’s age and height aren’t confirmed, you can follow the newcomer to the Virgin River cast on Instagram at @lib.osler. Prior to appearing in season 5 as Ava, Osler has appeared in episodes of The Hot Zone, Departure, Chesapeake Shores, and Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.

It’s likely we’ll continue to see Libby Osler in Virgin River as Ava. The character became a major recurring cast member in season 5, and by the end of the season, Ava seems to be reconsidering going back to her home in Portland. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens next for Mel’s new friend, who’s played excellently by Osler.

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