Where is Virgin River supposed to take place?

VIRGIN RIVER - Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe of VIRGIN RIVER - NETFLIX (c) 2020
VIRGIN RIVER - Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe of VIRGIN RIVER - NETFLIX (c) 2020 /

Virgin River season 5 has officially arrived on Netflix, transporting viewers once again back to the quaint, picturesque town of Virgin River to catch up with the latest happenings of our favorite locals.

Season 5 is another amazing season filled with romance, laughter, and plenty of drama. It’s also another season filled with truly stunning shots of the breathtaking scenic landscapes surrounding the town of Virgin River.

Although the town itself is a fictional town that was created in the pages of Robyn Carr’s beloved novels which inspired the series, Netflix is able to bring it to life through perfectly scouted locations up North in Canada.

Set against the backdrop of British Columbia, Canada, Netflix has created a town that viewers are eager to flock to with searches often spiking with the release of new seasons regarding the destinations that are used to bring the town to life. And while Canada might serve as the backdrop for the show’s filming locations, the town itself is another destination known to attract tourists!

Where does Netflix’s Virgin River take place?

Netflix’s hit romantic drama Virgin River takes place in a town of the same name that is referred to as being located in Northern California by several characters on the show.

Surprisingly, it’s never directly stated where exactly in Northern California the town happens to be located, but the frequent assumption among fans is that it’s towards the uppermost part of the state. All we know for certain is that it’s North of Los Angeles, which is where Mel moves to the town from in the show’s first season.

It is likely by design that the show has never gotten too specific about where the town of Virgin River is supposed to be located on a map. It is a common practice for shows set in fictional towns to only make general remarks about the geographical location of their show, being subtle in making sure audiences know the broader information about where the town is set without drawing out a complete map.

Virgin River is streaming now on Netflix.

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