What happened between Mel and Cameron in Virgin River?

Virgin River. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022
Virgin River. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022 /

A new season of Virgin River has finally arrived and there is a lot to process in the show’s fifth season! Season 5 is the show’s most intense season yet with a lot of relationship drama unfolding across the new season — and we’re not just talking about the town’s many romantic relationships, though there is plenty of drama among our favorite couples too!

Across season 5, we see many shifts in the dynamics shared between characters including Cameron and Mel. Throughout the season, the two characters dance around one another with a clear tension hanging in the air every time the pair are around one another.

While there are vague references made to the reasoning behind why things are so tense between Mel and Cameron, the show doesn’t offer up a full recap which has left many fans confused over what they’re forgetting from last season.

So just went went down between Cameron and Mel that has the two at odds in season 5?

What did Cameron do to Mel in Virgin River?

During season 4, Mel and Cameron have a very fateful lunch in which he admits that he cares for her and warns her about Jack and his drinking, essentially telling her she can do better. Naturally, Mel shuts that conversation topic down. And he had just overheard her talking about her pregnancy. Why did he think that was any of his business?

Following that not-so-pleasant meal, Cameron opts to leave town and the practice, though Mel shuts down the idea, insisting that everything between them will be fine. (Not to mention, Doc and Mel still need help around the clinic, and Cameron leaving would be a headache.)

Although Doc seemingly warned Cameron not to catch feelings for Mel in so many words, it seems as though he didn’t heed that warning and subtly has something of a crush on her.

While Cameron does move on with someone new (and unexpected) in season 5, his frayed relationship with Mel plays a key role in the season’s storyline but the show doesn’t exactly give fans a recap of what happened between the two to have things so icy this season.

Without giving too much away, we can note that Mel and Cameron do end the season in a much better place that gives up hope for the clinic’s future success.

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