The Great Seduction cast: Who stars in the Mexican Netflix movie?

The Great Seduction (La Gran Seduccion). Cr: Netflix.
The Great Seduction (La Gran Seduccion). Cr: Netflix. /

Have you checked out Netflix’s top 10 movie list recently? As of Sept. 1, the comedy-drama film The Great Seduction sits at the No. 5 spot, meaning tons of people are watching it. If you’re looking forward to watching this film soon, we must share with you everything there is to know about it.

The Great Seduction, also known as La Gran Seducción in Spanish, is a Mexican Netflix original movie. It was directed by Celso R. Garcia from a screenplay he co-wrote with Luciana Herrara Caso.

The story is set on the small, forgotten fishing island of Santa María del Mar. When a fishing packing industry is opened in a neighboring town, Santa Maria begins to suffer from a lack of fish, and the island’s inhabitants see their livelihoods taken away. In order to get by, the residents would have to rely on the few bucks that the unemployment office hands out every month.

While some people decide to move away from the island in hopes of finding a job in the big cities, others choose to stay to get the town back running. One of those people is Germán. After he learns that a fish packaging company has shown interest in installing a plant in Santa Maria, Germán makes it his mission to get this to happen. This would create job opportunities for the island’s residents. The only problem is that Santa Maria needs a doctor to move to the island for the packing company to set up shop there. This leads Germán and the other residents to do everything they can to get a doctor to come to the island and stay.

The Great Seduction cast: Who’s in the cast of La Gran Seducción?

The Great Seduction
The Great Seduction (La Gran Seduccion). Cr: Netflix. /

Guillermo Villegas (Memo Villega) stars in the leading role of Germán. He’s previously had roles in the Spanish shows Narcos: MexicoLa BandidaLa Guzmán, Historia de un crimen: La búsquedaCómo sobrevivir solteroNatural Born Narco and Harina. He also appeared in the Spanish movies Rabioso sol, rabioso cieloSin Nombre and Noche de fuego.

Here’s more of the cast and who they portray in The Great Seduction:

  • Pierre Louis as Mateo
  • Yalitza Aparicio as Ana
  • Eligio Meléndez as Simon
  • Julio Casado as Benjamin
  • Hector Jimenez as Jorge
  • Mercedes Hernandez as Alba
  • Mateo Negrete as Julian
  • Tete Espinoza as Maria
  • Paola Perez Flores as Consuelo
  • Javier Diaz Duenas as Hernandez
  • Regina Flores Ribot as Vera
  • Baltimore Beltran as Joaquin

The Great Seduction age rating

The film is rated TV-MA, meaning it’s meant to be watched by mature, adult audiences only. It was given this maturity rating for strong language and smoking. Overall, we wouldn’t recommend watching this movie with younger kids around.

Be sure to check out The Great Seduction, streaming now on Netflix!

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