Riverdale season 8: Will there be another season of Riverdale?

A new season of Riverdale has arrived on Netflix, and fans around the world are diving into the latest chapter of one of television’s most surprising shows. Riverdale season 7 will be super popular on Netflix and will have viewers wondering about Riverdale season 8.

In the seventh season, the gang finds themselves back in time in the 1950s, though only Jughead knows (temporarily, at least) that they don’t belong 60 years in the past. Following season 6’s explosive finale, it’s a question of how — and if — they can get back home.

If the ending of Riverdale season 7 leaves you wondering if there will be more stories, or leaves you wanting more from the series, here’s what to know about the future of Riverdale.

Will there be a Riverdale season 8?

Shortly after renewing the series for season 7 back in 2022, The CW announced that Riverdale season 7 would be the final season of the series. Being so, there will not be a Riverdale season 8 to follow up the gang’s adventures in the 1950s.

Because the writing team knew season 7 would be the last, they were able to craft a satisfying final season and an emotional series finale that perfectly wraps up the stories of each character. While there’s no chance of Riverdale season 8 happening now, there’s always a chance that way far off into the future, a reboot or continuation could come to fruition You never know!

Warning: Spoilers ahead from the Riverdale series finale.

How does Riverdale end?

In the penultimate episode of season 7, Angel Tabitha returns to 1950s Riverdale with news for Jughead. She can’t bring them back to their timeline, but she can help them regain their memories from their past life. The whole gang watches their lives unfold on the TV, but everyone (apart from Betty and Jughead) opts to only remember the good memories from their past.

The series finale jumps ahead to the present day, with an 86-year-old Betty nearing death. She’s the last of her high school friends still living, and Angel Jughead helps her relive her last day of senior year in the 1950s before she passes. Betty remembers things she missed and forgot, such as where each of her friends ended up and how they passed away.

It’s a bittersweet and emotional exploration of friendship, mortality, and so many other human themes that was perhaps unexpected from Riverdale. (There’s even the tongue-in-cheek four-way “endgame” between Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead that got people talking.) In the end, Betty passes away and returns to Pop’s at 17 years old in the afterlife with all of her friends.

All seven season of Riverdale are now available to stream on Netflix.