A Day and a Half cast: Who stars in the Netflix movie?

A Day And A Half. (L to R) Alexej Manvelov as Lukas and Alma Pöysti as Louise in A Day And A Half. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
A Day And A Half. (L to R) Alexej Manvelov as Lukas and Alma Pöysti as Louise in A Day And A Half. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Are you looking for a good thriller film to watch this weekend? If so, you should check out A Day and a Half on Netflix. It was released on the streaming platform on Sept. 1, and tons of people are already talking about it.

A Day and a Half is a Swedish Netflix original movie directed by Fares Fares from a screenplay he co-wrote with Peter Smirnakos. Additionally, Fares made his directorial debut with this film.

The action thriller is inspired by true events and follows a man named Artan who enters the medical center where his estranged ex-wife works and takes her hostage. Artan hopes that his desperate actions lead to him being reunited with his daughter, but all it does is take him, his ex-wife, and a police officer on a thrilling, perilous journey through rural Sweden with the police hot on their heels.

But who plays the Artan character? What about the ex-wife? We shared who plays who in the movie right below.

A Day and a Half cast

Not only did Fares Fares direct the film and co-write the screenplay, but he also starred in the movie. He plays the role of Lukas, a police negotiator who finds himself along for the ride with Artan and his ex-wife. You might recognize Fares from his previous roles in Zero Dark ThirtyEast Money, WestworldChernobylThe Wheel of TimeThe Contractor and Boy from Heaven. You can find him on Instagram @iamfaresfares.

Swedish actor Alexej Manvelov stars as the protagonist, Artan. He’s known for his previous roles in the TV shows JordskottDen döende detektivenSthlm RequiemBefore We DieOkkupert, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and Top Dog. You can find him on Instagram @manwelove.

Alma Pöysti portrays the role of Louise, Artan’s ex-wife. Some other movies and TV shows she was in are The Good DriverFour Little AdultsFallen LeavesHelsinki CrimesBlackwater and Liberty. You can find her on Instagram @almapoysti.

Here are more cast members and who they portray:

  • Stina Ekblad as Wanja
  • Bengt C.W. Carlsson as Stefan
  • Johni Tadi as Dr. Yakoub
  • Annika Hallin as Dr. Gardelius
  • Annica Liljeblad as Anna
  • Linda Hellström as Vera
  • Lisa Forslund as Rebecka
  • Lukas Orwin as Mikael
  • Erik Holmström as Reporter Niklas

Take a look at the thrilling official trailer below!

A Day and a Half is streaming now only on Netflix.

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