How many outcomes are there for Choose Love on Netflix?

Choose Love. (L to R) Laura Marano as Cami, Jordi Webber as Jack, Avan Jogia as Rex, Scott Michael Foster as Paul in Choose Love. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023.
Choose Love. (L to R) Laura Marano as Cami, Jordi Webber as Jack, Avan Jogia as Rex, Scott Michael Foster as Paul in Choose Love. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023. /

Choose Love is a unique new romantic comedy film on Netflix that sets itself apart by introducing an interactive element, similar to what we’ve seen with previous Netflix titles like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs the Reverend.

Disney alum Laura Marano stars as a record producer named Cami Conway who comes to a crossroads in her romantic life where she must choose between her longtime boyfriend, a sexy British rock star, and a former flame who comes back into her life. Besides Marano, the film also stars Avan Jogia, Scott Michael Foster, and Jordi Webber.

MAJOR Spoilers ahead for Choose Love on Netflix

I wouldn’t say Choose Love feels like three separate movies, as the overall plotline stays the same, but it feels more like watching three distinct extended cuts, each one containing scenes unique to the love interest you choose for Cami. I was surprised by the amount of different choices throughout the movie, and although many don’t have a lasting impact, they do allow viewers to build their own love story of sorts.

For those curious about all the options available to them, keep reading to find out how it all goes down!

Choose Love
Choose Love. Laura Marano as Cami in Choose Love. Cr. Matt Grace/Netflix © 2023. /

How many endings does Choose Love on Netflix have?

Based on my experimentation with Choose Love, there are at least six unique endings and countless other choices that add subtle tweaks to the overall story.

UPDATE: Apparently I’m missing several endings! Star Scott Michael Foster told Us Weekly that there are actually a total of 16 endings. 

The ending scenes I discovered contain two with Rex, one with him and Cami together and one where they stay friends; two with Paul, one where they get married in Vegas and one where he just proposes and she says yes; one with Jack, though I would be surprised if he didn’t have another one, I just may not have found it; and one where Cami can choose herself.

There are a few different situations where Paul can propose, and sometimes that creates overlap with other pathways. Like if Cami calls Paul while in her Vegas hotel room, he reveals he’s in town, rushes up, and proposes to her. She still performs with Rex, but now with Paul in the audience before they get married. The Vegas wedding between Cami and Paul was the same both times I saw it, despite getting to it in two different ways.

Based on the way the movie ends and how I was able to get the Vegas wedding twice, it seems like Paul is the movie’s ultimate choice, and Rex pretty much always ends up friends with Cami in the end, at the very least. Jack fans, don’t worry, he might not have as many ending options (that I saw, anyway!), but he still gets several unique scenes (and kisses!) with Cami throughout the movie if you choose his path.

As for how you end up with each guy, it really isn’t that complicated. In the first part of the movie, most of the choices are relatively inconsequential. Even kissing Jack early on despite still being with Paul, doesn’t seem to impact the story’s trajectory too much.

Once you get to the dream sequence (you’ll know when), that’s when the choices start to carry more weight. Just make choices that coincide with the guy you like best, and you should get the ending you desire.

Choose Love. Laura Marano as Cami in Choose Love. Cr. Nicola Dove/Netflix © 2023.
Choose Love. Laura Marano as Cami in Choose Love. Cr. Nicola Dove/Netflix © 2023. /

How to get the ending where Cami chooses herself in Choose Love

If you want Cami to choose herself rather than any of her three suitors, you’ll need to make a few specific choices. This is based on my playthrough of the story, so it’s possible there are other methods to make this work, but I know this one will for certain!

Most of the choices you make don’t matter too much until you get to the end of the movie. During the part where Cami has to choose between going to San Francisco with Rex or going to Vegas with Jack, you’ll need to choose Vegas with Jack.

Once in Vegas, pick all the choices that keep you with Jack, even after Paul arrives and proposes to Cami. When Paul proposes, you’ll want to pick the “Jack?” option and then Jack will ask you to travel with him, and you’ll get a choice between “Cami” or “Jack and Cami.” In this case, just pick Cami, and you’ll get her to choose herself!

If you’re concerned you might mess up and accidentally make Cami end up alone, you shouldn’t be. It’s really hard for that to happen without a conscious effort on the viewer’s part and you can easily undo your last choice to fix a mistake if need be.

There’s also a major question at the end of Rex’s path where he asks Cami to go to Paris with him. If you say no, Cami does technically end up alone, but she still has a nice night with Rex, and it seems like the door might be open to something more with him down the line.

What is the best ending in Choose Love?

As I mentioned above, the movie feels like it’s pushing you toward a Paul/Cami endgame, especially because he proposes in almost every path regardless of what you choose (though not always), and given they are the only pairing that ends in a proposal/wedding, that seems like the “real” ending.

That said, Choose Love does a good job of giving you extra scenes and content with each guy unique to their path. I was partial to Avan Jogia’s character because his path gives me an excuse to hear him (and Laura Marano) sing more! But overall, just relax, have fun, and go with your gut (or, let’s be real, whoever you think is the hottest).

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