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Mask Girl Cr. Jun Hea-sun/Netflix © 2023
Mask Girl Cr. Jun Hea-sun/Netflix © 2023 /
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Mask Girl episode 7 recap: Mo-mi and Mi-mo

The Mask Girl finale begins with both Mo-mi and Kyung-ja putting their respective plans into action. Since Mo-mi is donating a kidney to her daughter, Eun-suk offers to investigate Kyung-ja and find out where she and Mi-mo are living. She also tracks down Mo-mi’s mother and gives her a contact number.

Meanwhile, Mo-mi’s mom is becoming increasingly worried about Mi-mo, who has been missing for days now. Kyung-ja instructs Mi-mo to call her grandma and let her know she’s safe, but not to mention her or where she’s staying. Mo-mi tries to tell her mom about Kyung-ja, but her mother hangs up the phone when she realizes whose calling. However, Mo-mi is able to mention that Mi-mo might have mentioned an older woman and Mo-mi’s mom remembers meeting Mi-mo’s “tteokbokki granny” at church. She reaches out to find out her contact info and address.

Back in prison, Mo-mi prepares for her kidney surgery and we learn Eun-suk has been manipulating Mo-mi the whole time. She hasn’t found Mo-mi’s daughter and instead has been having her men hire random girls to answer the phone or to photograph. Neither the girl who answered Mo-mi’s call to her “school” or the one in the photo is actually Mi-mo.

Mo-mi seems to know this though, or doesn’t care either way, since she never planned to go through with the surgery (at least not after finding out Kyung-ja’s plan) and instead uses her trip to the hospital to escape custody.

Elsewhere, Kyung-ja starts preparations to kill Mi-mo, but finds it harder than anticipated. Mi-mo has grown very attached and starts thinking of Kyung-ja as her real family. She even wants to get a job so she can afford to take care of Kyung-ja and help her live a long life. Though that doesn’t stop Kyung-ja from drugging Mi-mo’s soup.

Mo-mi’s escape is anything but graceful. She gets hit by a car on her way out, though that ends up working to her advantage as she steals it and uses the driver’s phone to contact her mom again. By this point, Ye-chun has started putting the pieces together and realizes there is something off about Mi-mo’s “granny.”

Having gotten Kyung-ja’s address from the church, Mo-mi’s mom takes Ye-chun with her to confront the woman and find Mi-mo. But when Mo-mi calls and tells her the full story, about this “granny” being Oh-nam’s mom, Mo-mi’s mother realizes the gravity of the danger Mi-mo is in.

She kicks Ye-chun out and calls the police, but chooses to keep going to the house anyway to save her granddaughter. Ye-chun is too determined to give up, so she uses her limited funds to catch another taxi and head to the address that she conveniently heard Mo-mi’s mom provide Mo-mi with during their phone call.

We pivot back to Mo-mi, whose stolen car has run out of gas, forcing her to hitchhike the rest of the way. A radio news report comes on while they’re driving warning people to look out for a woman with a wound on her face matching Mo-mi’s description. Obviously the driver puts two and two together. Mo-mi opts to jump out of the car and travel on foot the rest of the way, leaving the driver behind to contact the authorities.

Speaking of law enforcement, an officer responds to the call Mo-mi’s mother made and asks Kyung-ja if he can take a look around her house since someone claimed she was holding a middle school girl hostage. Kyung-ja has Mi-mo tied up and gagged in a secret bunker, the entrance of which is hidden behind a book case. The cop doesn’t find anything and then gets called away to hunt for a fugitive… aka Mo-mi.

The finale culminates in a climactic showdown between all of the main women as Mo-mi, Mo-mi’s mother, and Ye-chun converge on Kyung-ja’s house at the same time to save Mi-mo. Only Mi-mo and Ye-chun survive. Kyung-ja stabs Mo-mi’s mom and then just as the police arrive, Kyung-ja takes one final shot at Mi-mo before taking a bullet to the head by a police officer. Mo-mi jumps in front of the bullet for her daughter and dies in her arms. It’s a devastating ending, but at least Mi-mo survives.

Ye-chun’s parents take temporary custody of her and the show ends with Mi-mo watching an old home video of her mother’s performance at a kindergarten pageant. She looks at the camera and says her dream is “to become someone who’s loved by everyone.” Oh my god. Mo-mi you deserved so much better.

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