Netflix Mask Girl recap guide: All seven episodes explained (spoilers!)

Mask Girl Cr. Jun Hea-sun/Netflix © 2023
Mask Girl Cr. Jun Hea-sun/Netflix © 2023 /
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Mask Girl Ahn Jae-Hong as Ju Oh-Nam in Mask Girl Cr. Jun Hea-sun/Netflix © 2023
Mask Girl Ahn Jae-Hong as Ju Oh-Nam in Mask Girl Cr. Jun Hea-sun/Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix Mask Girl episode 2 recap: Ju Oh-nam

The focus shifts to Ju Oh-nam in Mask Girl episode 2. Oh-nam is a lonely guy who spends the majority of his time looking at porn and watching Mask Girl’s livestreams. He’s obsessed with her. He’s also “dating” a sex doll named Remi and has little human interaction outside of fielding angry phone calls from his overbearing mother, who loves letting him know all the ways he’s disappointed her.

Things start picking up for Oh-nam when he discovers Mask Girl’s identity. He’s too shy to look women in the eyes so he focuses on their hands instead. That’s how he notices that Mo-mi and Mask Girl have identical twin moles on either hand, and even the same nail color.

Once he realizes Mo-mi is Mask Girl, he becomes further obsessed and even tries approaching her at the office. In his head, Oh-nam has fantasies of confessing his love to Mo-mi and her reciprocating, erm, enthusiastically in the middle of the office where everyone can see. Too bad for Oh-nam, then, that Mo-mi is infatuated with her boss.

We then see the night Mo-mi caught Park and A-reum together, except this time from Oh-nam’s perspective. He followed Mo-mi back into the office and saw Park and A-reum together. Unlike Mo-mi, Oh-nam is thrilled by this since he’s been waiting for Mo-mi to get over Park.

Now that Mo-mi knows the truth about Park, surely she’ll move on? Oh-nam doesn’t anticipate Mo-mi’s downward spiral leading to her strip show. He’s upset by her actions and the fact she revealed herself to the world, since he feels some type of weird ownership over her now that he knows her identity. He sends her the creepy email after stalking her and seeing her go into the motel with Park.

We catch up to where we left off at the end of Mask Girl episode 1, with Mo-mi reaching out to “Once Upon a Prince,” who is really Oh-nam. She’s lonely and wants to meet up, but he hesitates and in that time Mo-mi agrees to grab a drink with “Handsome Monk” instead.

She shows up to the restaurant in a face mask, keeping it on until Monk challenges her to take it off. Initially, it seems like he might be a good guy. He tells Mo-mi she’s beautiful beneath her mask and they have a nice time together.

But then we check in with Oh-nam, who has found Handsome Monk’s social media, where he’s been livetweeting his evening and telling the internet he’s meeting Mask Girl. He writes multiple posts calling her ugly and promising to take pics. Then he admits that even though he finds her unattractive, he still “wants a taste.” Ew.

Ever the white knight, Oh-nam immediately tries contacting Mo-mi to warn her, even rushing to her location (which Monk conveniently shared online).

Meanwhile, Monk convinces Mo-mi to go to a motel with him to watch a movie and have a few beers. Despite being uncomfortable, Mo-mi goes along with it until Monk tries initiating something physical, and ultimately attempting to rape her. Mo-mi immediately pulls away and tries to leave, and that’s when Monk really drops the whole “nice guy” facade. He tells Mo-mi she’s too ugly to be arrogant and reject him.

We know how sensitive Mo-mi is to that specific word. She attacks him, and Monk retaliates. They get into a rather darkly hilarious fight on the motel room water bed before falling into a dresser where Monk hits his head, seemingly dying immediately. Mo-mi is horrified. Oh-nam arrives just a few moments later and promises to take care of everything, advising Mo-mi to leave ASAP.

Well, it turns out Monk wasn’t actually dead, just unconscious. He wakes up suddenly after Mo-mi leaves just as Oh-nam is about to start dismembering his body. In a panic, Oh-nam stabs him repeatedly. Okay, now he’s dead.

Mo-mi doesn’t come to work the next day. An office manager informs Oh-nam that she quit. It all happened very suddenly.

Instead of working, Mo-mi gets her camming privileges back and starts another livestream. She tells her followers this will be the last one and her official goodbye. After what happened with Monk, Mo-mi starts acting strange and starts keeping her mask on all the time.

Her followers think she might be drunk again. Fearing she plans to perform a repeat nude show, Oh-nam rushes to her apartment and demands she let him in.

Mo-mi answers the door in her Mask Girl get-up. Oh-nam assures her that Monk has been taken care of and now she can move on. At this point, Mo-mi tells him she figured out who he is and accuses him of sending the email. He confesses to doing it after seeing her and Park together.

This confirms Mo-mi’s thoughts about men like him and Handsome Monk. She plans to start over, create a new life. Oh-nam asks about himself. Will she erase him, too? Mo-mi scoffs, “You’re the same,” comparing him to Handsome Monk.

Oh-nam proves her right. He shoves Mo-mi onto the bed and rapes her while simultaneously promising to protect her. He notices Mo-mi’s eyes look different behind her mask, so he removes it, revealing she’s had extensive plastic surgery and her entire face is bruised and bandaged.

Mo-mi uses his moment of shock to flip them over so she’s on top and then brutally stabs him over and over with what I believe is a letter opener (with a cute pink gummy bear figure as the hilt).