Heart of Stone and the 12 best action movies on Netflix right now (August 2023)

Heart Of Stone. Robert Viglasky/Netflix.
Heart Of Stone. Robert Viglasky/Netflix. /
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2. The Nice Guys

Released in 2016 by director Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), The Nice Guys is an underrated neo-noir buddy-comedy movie that really shows off Ryan Gosling’s comedic chops. Those who doubted Gosling’s casting as Ken in Barbie clearly never saw his work in this movie. The Nice Guys has received significant praise from audiences and critics alike.

Set in 1977 Los Angeles, Gosling plays hapless private eye Holland March, and Russell Crowe stars as a violent enforcer named Jackson Healy. The two men couldn’t be more different, so imagine their annoyance when fate thrusts them into an unlikely partnership when their paths cross while investigating the disappearance of a young woman named Amelia (Margaret Qualley).

Gosling and Crowe are both excellent in this gritty action flick, but it’s Gosling who outshines everyone else on-screen, elevating all of the jokes and comedic materials with his keen timing and charisma. Fans of classic buddy comedies will appreciate The Nice Guys, which hearkens back to a bygone era propelled along by the undeniable chemistry of its two leads.

  • Release Year: 2016
  • Director: Shane Black
  • Cast: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer, Margaret Qualley, Keith David, and Kim Basinger

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