Down for Love season 2: Will there be another season on Netflix?

Down for LoveImage Courtesy Netflix
Down for LoveImage Courtesy Netflix /

A new reality series to check out on Netflix is Down for Love. It’s a heartfelt, feel-good series sharing the romantic journeys of several people living with Down Syndrome who are all looking for love. The first season consists of five episodes, so it’s an easy show to binge-watch. And by the time you finish the fifth episode, you’ll be searching for more. So will there be a Down for Love season 2? We shared everything we know about a potential second season right below.

Down for Love might be new to Netflix, but it actually aired in New Zealand on the television network TVNZ from May to June 2022. Set in New Zealand, the Netflix original follows a group of people with Down syndrome as they embark on a heartwarming quest to find the love of their lives.

The first season’s cast is made up of several hopeful singles, such as Libby Hunsdale, Lily Harper, John Halliday, Leisel Shepherd, Carlos Biggemann, and Josh Bradley.

Will we meet a bunch of new singles in a Down for Love season 2? Here’s what we know.

Is Down for Love season 2 happening?

Yes! A second season is currently in the works. Back in October 2022, the show’s production team (Attitude Pictures) shared via an Instagram post that they were casting for a Down for Love season 2. It looks like the production company was still casting people for the second season back in January 2023 because they shared casting call information again on their Instagram page around that time.

It’s unknown if the cameras have started rolling on Down for Love season 2 as of August 2023, but our guess is that production has started. We also don’t know how the second season will be released. There’s a huge possibility that it will air on TVNZ first before making its way to Netflix. This is what happened with the first season. Hopefully, we get to see the second season on Netflix sometime in 2024. We’ll just have to wait and see, though.

We can’t wait to be introduced to several new singles looking for love in Down for Love season 2. We’re also keeping our fingers crossed that we get an update on the love lives of the first season’s cast in the upcoming second season.

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