Who killed Mitchell Bondurant in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2? (spoilers)

The Lincoln Lawyer. Lana Parilla as Lisa Trammell in episode 210 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2023
The Lincoln Lawyer. Lana Parilla as Lisa Trammell in episode 210 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2023 /

Did Lisa kill Mitchell Bondurant? This is the question that The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 has set out to answer from the beginning and we finally get the answer to the burning question on the mind of every fan in the final five episodes of the season.

In The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1, we’re first introduced to Lisa Trammell, a chef and community leader, when Mickey is out enjoying dinner with Maggie. While things didn’t quite go to plan with Maggie, Mickey ends up hitting it off with Lisa and the two become romantically entangled.

Before things go too far, the pair are forced to put their relationship on hold after Lisa is arrested for the murder of construction developer Mitchell Bondurant. With no one else to turn to, Lisa hires Mickey to defend her and he quickly begins to mount a defense to prove her innocence.

Across the first several episodes, Lisa is adamant in professing her innocence of the murder of Bondurant. As much as we might want to believe her, Mickey’s client Trevor Elliott sang a similar tune in season 1 only for us to find out he was, in fact, guilty of the crime he was accused of. So could Lisa also be guilty of murder?

Needless to say, we’re about to get into major spoilers from The Lincoln Lawyer season 2. If you haven’t yet watched the season and want to avoid spoilers, you might want to bookmark this piece for reading later as we will be revealing whether Lisa is innocent or guilty.

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The Lincoln Lawyer. (L to R) Lana Parilla as Lisa Trammell, Becki Newton as Lorna Crane, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in episode 210 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2023 /

Did Lisa kill Bondurant? (The Lincoln Lawyer spoilers)

While the evidence seemed to suggest that Lisa was guilty of killing Mitchell Bondurant, Lisa did not kill Bondurant and was indeed innocent of the crime she was charged with. That’s right, Lisa did not kill Bondurant and was actually telling the truth when she told Mickey she was not responsible for his murder.

As Mickey points out in his closing arguments, the evidence against Lisa was almost too convenient. After all, if she were truly guilty why would be so reckless in keeping the bloody gloves in her home and not even try to toss the murder weapon in an area it wouldn’t likely be found?

It helped that Mickey was able to paint a picture to the jury about how there were others who wanted Bondurant dead and Lisa became the perfect fall guy due to her history of protesting Bondurant’s development in her neighborhood.

Fortunately, the jury agreed with Mickey and found Lisa not guilty which ensured she did not go to prison for a crime she did not commit. And this time, Mickey actually helped an innocent client avoid wrongful prosecution… well, at least someone innocent of the crime he was defending them against.

As we’d discover after the not-guilty verdict, while Lisa did not kill Mitchell Bondurant, she did murder her husband, Jeff. It turns out that the man who showed up during Lisa’s trial claiming to be her ex was actually an actor who used to work at her restaurant. Turns out Lisa killed Jeff after he filed a petition for divorce which would have allowed him to take half of everything she owned and led to her losing her restaurant.

Who killed Mitchell Bondurant? (The Lincoln Lawyer spoilers)

While it’s Lisa Tramell who is accused of murdering Mitchell Bondurant and Alex Grant who Mickey points the finger at in order to convince the jury Lisa was not guilty, the real killer was building inspector Walter Kim!

It turns out Alex Grant wasn’t the only one whose livelihood was threatened by Bondurant as Walter Kim seemed to be on the take and could be brought down for taking bribes.

Remember the broken mirror fragment found at the crime scene? Turned out that was a match to a mirror in Walter’s tool kit. Walter used the mirror to create a reflection on the ceiling in the parking garage which would have caused Bondurant to look up as he delivered the fatal blow to the head using the hammer Walter had stolen from Lisa’s garage when posing as a health inspector.

Traces of Bondurant’s blood was found on Walter’s workboots during a police investigation into Walter’s disappearance, and the police also discovered a broken mirror that matched the fragment found at the crime scene.

As for Walter? He was presumed dead with the assumption being he was killed by Alex Grant in an effort to tie up loose ends. Seems like karma always has a way of catching up to people!

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