Who plays James in Heartstopper? (Bradley Riches age, height, Instagram, and more)

Bradley Richaes as James McEwan
Bradley Richaes as James McEwan /

Heartstopper season 2 has captivated audiences since its Netflix debut on August 3, 2023. The new season not only brought us back into the endearing world of Truham school but also introduced a host of intriguing characters that left fans eagerly yearning for more. Among these fresh faces, one actor shines particularly bright – Bradley Riches!

Previously seen in Heartstopper season 1 as an unnamed Truham student, Bradley Riches now takes center stage in season 2 as James, a charismatic and enigmatic boy who finds himself drawn into Charlie’s inner circle. With his undeniable talent and magnetic presence, Richaes injects a new dynamic into the narrative, leaving viewers excited to explore the complexities of his character.

If you’ve been curious about the young actor and wanted to learn more about him, then you are in luck! We have everything you need to know about Bradley Riches below!

Who plays James in Heartstopper?

Bradley Riches age

Unfortunately, there have been conflicting reports regarding Bradley’s birthday. Certain sources indicate that he was born on December 11, 2001, whereas others assert that his birthdate falls on October 1, 2000. Consequently, we find ourselves unable to ascertain the exact age of this talented British actor. Nevertheless, based on the available information, we estimate that he is in his early 20s!

Bradley Riches height

Unfortunately, information regarding Bradley Riches’ height is also limited. However, based on his on-screen presence alongside his fellow castmates, our estimation places the actor at approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall. As with any estimation, it’s essential to consider that precise measurements may vary. Nevertheless, this approximation should provide a rough idea of Bradley Riches’ stature on the screen!

Bradley Riches Instagram

If you wish to stay connected with the young actor, you can easily do so by heading over to Instagram and following his official handle, “@brad_riches.” By following him on Instagram, you’ll have the opportunity to get a glimpse into Bradley Richaes’ life, projects, and perhaps even catch some behind-the-scenes moments from Heartstopper season 2!

Bradley Riches roles

In 2019, Bradley Richaes marked his acting debut with a notable role in the acclaimed film 1917 (2019).

Since then, he has ventured into the spotlight with his prominent portrayal in Heartstopper, making it one of the main series he has been a part of. With his talent and potential, it’s evident that Bradley’s journey in the entertainment industry is just beginning, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to the screen next!

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