When do new episodes of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead release on Netflix?

Zom 100. ©Haro Aso, Kotaro Takata, Shogakukan/Zom100 Project
Zom 100. ©Haro Aso, Kotaro Takata, Shogakukan/Zom100 Project /

Netflix anime new release never fails to put a smile on our face, and it’s safe to say that the newly released 2023 anime series, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, will not be an exception to this norm!

The highly anticipated anime title was recently released on the streaming service in July 2023, and it already has the anime community laughing their butts off at the unique premise behind the series.

Read the official synopsis below (via Crunchyroll):

"With three years under his belt at the company from hell, Akira Tendo is mentally and physically spent. All at the ripe old age of twenty-four. Even his crush from Accounting, Saori, wants nothing to do with him.Then, just when life is beginning to look like one big disappointment, it happens. The zombie apocalypse descends on Japan! Surrounded by hordes of hungry zombies, Akira comes to a realization that will forever change his life…“Wait, does this mean I never have to go to work again?” Confess to… party like it’s… travel Japan coast to… Now, with his nightmare job no longer, Akira’s got his mojo back. Let the bucket listing begin!!"

Undoubtedly, we’ve all been at that point where we wouldn’t mind witnessing something that would shake up the norm of our day-to-day lives, which is all the more reason why you should check out this anime as soon as possible. But when exactly do new episodes arrive on Netflix? Here’s everything to know!

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead episode release schedule

Since the series premiere of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead debuted on Sunday, July 9, a new episode would usually release on Netflix every Sunday. However, we saw the first delay with the fourth episode. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead episode 4 was supposed to drop on the streaming platform on Sunday, July 30, but its release was pushed to the following day (July 31) due to production issues. Unfortunately, we’re seeing another delay with the fifth episode.

Netflix usually releases new titles at approximately 3:01 a.m. ET/12:01 a.m. PT. Even so, be sure to check back in frequently for any changes to the release time!

What is the Zom 100 episode 5 release date?

Originally, Zom 100 episode 5 was supposed to be released on Netflix on Sunday, Aug. 6, 2023. However, the fifth episode has been officially delayed. It will now drop on Netflix on Sunday, Aug. 13, 2023. It’s also believed to drop at 2:00 a.m. PT/5:00 a.m. ET on this date.

Why is Zom 100 episode 5 delayed?

The reason why the fifth episode’s release date has been changed is because of a special program airing on Aug. 6. Instead of Zom 100 episode 5 airing on Aug. 6 in Japan, a special zombie apocalypse preparation program will air in its place. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see this special program on Netflix, though.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead episode count

As of now, we don’t quite know how many episodes we can expect out of this anime release. However, based on many other Netflix anime, we think it’ll be best to expect a minimum of eight episodes and a maximum of 24 from the first season.

Now that you know when you can expect new episodes (along with how many you can anticipate), it’s time to check out what’s to come in the near future by watching the action-packed official trailer below!

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