Does Geralt die in The Witcher season 3? (Does he die in The Witcher books?)

Henry Cavill in The Witcher season 3. Cr: Netflix.
Henry Cavill in The Witcher season 3. Cr: Netflix. /

Does Geralt die at the end of The Witcher season 3? What about in The Witcher books? Here’s what you need to know about the character’s possible death.

Spoilers ahead for The Witcher season 3, The Witcher books, and games

Geralt of Rivia is one of the main characters in The Witcher saga, though he arguably takes a backseat to Ciri in later books. The show has also been shifting focus away from Geralt to center Ciri, Yennefer, and the vast world of the Continent.

But some fans are still curious about Geralt’s fate, both in the show as well as in the books and video games.

Does Geralt die in The Witcher season 3?

Geralt does not die in The Witcher season 3. Considering it was announced that Geralt had been recast long before season 3 premiered, there wasn’t much suspense surrounding the possibility of his death.

Vilgefortz gives Geralt a brutal beatdown, leaving him with a broken back and numerous serious injuries. Still, between the dryads at Brokilon and Yennefer’s assistance, Geralt is mostly healed back to normal by the end of the season 3 finale.

What is Henry Cavill’s final scene of The Witcher?

Supposedly, Henry Cavill’s announcement that he would be exiting the show after its third season came after filming was completed. Still, his final scene as Geralt is a rather fitting send-off, so whether or not it was planned, it felt like the right way for Cavill to go out.

Cavill gets one last big swordfight in the finale as Geralt finally realizes he can no longer remain neutral. Geralt also leaves behind Renfri’s crest, symbolizing his neutrality and a memento from the series premiere. It seems fitting that Cavill leaves the crest behind in his last episode since it serves as a callback to his first.

Does Geralt die in The Witcher books?

There is some discrepancy regarding the end of the last main book in The Witcher saga. At the end of The Lady in the Lake, Geralt appears to die after he is impaled on a pitchfork, and Yennefer then dies, or at least falls unconscious, from the magical exertion of trying to heal his wounds.

Ciri also tries to help heal Geralt, but ultimately she and her friends place them both on a boat and let them go. The ending leaves things vague but heavily implies that Geralt and Yennefer die and go away together to an afterlife or someplace between life and death. While narrating the story, Ciri says she wants to believe they got a happily ever after, wherever they ended up.

Does Geralt die in The Witcher games?

Geralt cannot die in the first two games (outside of temporary player-made “game overs,” of course), but he can potentially die during one of the bad endings in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Depending on the choices made by the player, there is one route that ends with Ciri dying.

If Ciri dies, one of the crones will steal her medallion, motivating Geralt to return to Crookback Bog to seek revenge. His fate is left in the air, but it suggests he dies. Otherwise, Geralt will continue living as a witcher or retire with his love interest. It all depends on what choices you make throughout the game.

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