Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine synopsis: What is the Netfix documenrary about?

Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine. Cr: Netflix
Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine. Cr: Netflix /

Dive into a unique journey beyond space and time as Netflix’s acclaimed documentary series, Unknown, returns with its exciting next installment: Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine. Get ready for a new cosmic adventure that will fill you with wonder and appreciation, as it launches your curiosity about our marvelous and vast universe!

Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine takes you on a behind-the-scenes mission with NASA’s James Webb Space Launch. Join a remarkable team of brilliant engineers and scientists as they embark on the next giant leap in unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos.

Witness firsthand the rare and fascinating cutting-edge work that goes into understanding the vastness of space!

Throughout the series, Unknown takes audiences on adventurous journeys into uncharted territories, where adventure and exploration are entwined with the quest for knowledge. Premiering weekly, each documentary film features incredible stories revealing the secrets of our world through the eyes of exotic characters and places never caught on camera.

Ahead of its release on July 24, 2023, get a glimpse of the incredible Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine with the official synopsis and more, below:

Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine synopsis

Get ready for a cosmic journey with Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine, as Netflix Media Center, offers viewers an enticing heads-up on the thrilling expedition that awaits with the official synopsis:

"“With unique access behind-the-scenes to NASA’s ambitious mission to launch the James Webb Space Telescope, we follow a team of engineers and scientists as they take the next giant leap in our quest to understand the universe.”"

Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine trailer

Are you eager to experience the thrilling excitement of the upcoming new episode of the series? Well, consider yourself lucky because we have the full trailer right here!

Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine serves as the finale of this extraordinary documentary series. Don’t miss the other exciting titles in the Unknown series:

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