Who is Kathy in Sweet Magnolias? (character explained)

Sweet Magnolias. Wynn Everett as Kathy in episode 301 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Sweet Magnolias. Wynn Everett as Kathy in episode 301 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Sweet Magnolias is back with its third season, and we finally learn the identity of the mystery woman who said terrible things about Dana Sue to Annie and who vandalized Dana Sue’s van in the season 2 finale. In the season 3 premiere, Dana Sue reveals that the mystery woman’s name is Kathy (Wynn Everett). But why would Kathy do these bad things? Why doesn’t she like Dana Sue?

The Sweet Magnolias (Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen) have their own issues they must overcome in Sweet Magnolias season 3, but one problem they have in common is Kathy. She has a past history with all three of them, and she’s come to Serenity on a revenge mission.

We explained everything there is to know about the Kathy character and provided a deeper explanation of why she came to Serenity below.

Spoilers ahead from Sweet Magnolias season 3. 

Who is Kathy in Sweet Magnolias?

Kathy is Ronnie’s estranged sister and Dana Sue’s sister-in-law. Since there was bad blood between Kathy, her brother, and Dana Sue, Kathy had never been introduced to her niece, Annie. That’s why Annie had no idea who Kathy was in the season 2 finale.

This isn’t Kathy’s first time in Serenity, either. She used live in the small Southern town but moved to Georgia. Although she claims she returned to Serenity for Ms. Frances’s funeral, this isn’t the real reason.

She returned to ruin Dana Sue and Ronnie’s lives because she’s still mad that she didn’t get ownership of Sullivan’s over them. She used to work at Sullivan’s when she was a teenager and hoped that one day she’d own the restaurant. However, the owner ended up selling it to Dana Sue and Ronnie instead because Ms. Frances told the bank they were trustworthy and that Kathy wasn’t. Kathy believes Dana Sue and Ronnie “stole” the restaurant from her and still holds a grudge against them because of this.

So, she starts her revenge mission by persuading Erik to leave Sullivan’s to work at Z’s, a restaurant where she’s the assistant manager. Erik had no idea who Kathy was at first, so that’s why it wasn’t really hard to persuade him. Kathy hopes that with help from Erik, she could make Z’s the top restaurant in Serenity and put Sullivan’s out of business. This would be her way of getting back at Dana Sue.

However, Erik doesn’t stay working at Z’s for long once he finds out who Kathy really is. After Erik resigns, Kathy retaliates by trashing the kitchen at Sullivan’s. Ronnie meets with Kathy and tells her to leave them alone, but Kathy tells him she won’t stop until he gives her what she deserves. Ronnie figures giving Kathy money will get her to leave town for good, so that’s what he decides to do after consulting with Dana Sue.

Kathy also has a fling with Bill Townsend during her stay in Serenity. They bond because they’re lonely and are similar people. After Ronnie gives Kathy a significant amount of money, Kathy starts packing to leave town. But Bill convinces her to apologize to Dana Sue and Ronnie before leaving.

Kathy and Bill show up with a gift at Dana Sue and Ronnie’s vow renewal. The gift is Kathy and Ronnie’s grandma’s old tea set that Ronnie always wanted. Kathy hands over the gift to Ronnie and Dana Sue and apologizes for the hurt she caused them. They make up, and then Kathy and Bill leave town “for a bit.”

Sweet Magnolias season 3 is streaming now only on Netflix.

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