They Cloned Tyrone ending explained: Who’s really behind the cloning and experiments?

They Cloned Tyrone - (L to R) Teyonah Parris as Yo-Yo, Jamie Foxx as Slick Charles and John Boyega as Fontaine in They Cloned Tyrone. Cr. Parrish Lewis/Netflix © 2023.
They Cloned Tyrone - (L to R) Teyonah Parris as Yo-Yo, Jamie Foxx as Slick Charles and John Boyega as Fontaine in They Cloned Tyrone. Cr. Parrish Lewis/Netflix © 2023. /

They Cloned Tyrone is now available to stream on Netflix, and there’s so much buzz around this movie. Critics and viewers absolutely enjoy it, and it will surely be one of the top Netflix movies streaming for a while. We’ll even bet that it rises up the top 10 movie list on the streaming platform soon. It’s just that good!

Directed by Juel Taylor in his feature film directorial debut comes a movie about a drug dealer, a pimp, and a sex worker working together to uncover a government cloning conspiracy happening in their urban neighborhood.

John Boyega plays the protagonist, Fontaine, a drug dealer who discovers the government is conducting experiments on the people in his neighborhood and cloning them. Jamie Foxx portrays the role of Slick Charles, a boisterous pimp who joins Fontaine in saving their neighborhood. Lastly, there’s Teyonah Parris, playing the role of Yo-Yo, a sex worker who wants to leave the Glen but finds herself helping Fontaine and Slick Charles save the people in their neighborhood.

If you haven’t watched the sci-fi thriller flick yet, you might want to click off this article because we’re about to discuss its ending. But make sure to come back because we break down what happened, and you’ll probably need some clarification after that end credits scene.

Spoilers ahead from They Cloned Tyrone.

They Cloned Tyrone ending

After Yo-Yo is kidnapped by Nixon for trying to send a story to the press about the experiments and cloning going on in the Glen, Fontaine and Slick Charles come up with a plan to save her. Their plan is to rally the residents of Glen together to attack the underground government lab, destroy all of the research, free the clones, and save Yo-Yo. But first, they have to find a way to get in.

They use Issac to help with faking Fontaine’s death so that Fontaine is able to get into the underground lab undetected. Meanwhile, Slick Charles rounds up the residents of Glen. Once Fontaine lets Slick Charles and the rest of the Glen into the lab, they begin attacking the lab workers and destroying the files. Fontaine eventually runs into Chester and they engage in a violent brawl that ends with Chester taking Fontaine to one of the main people behind the experimenting and cloning. Who is this mystery person?

Who is behind the cloning and experiments in They Cloned Tyrone?

So, we already knew that a secret government organization is behind the cloning and experiments in Glen and in other places across the United States. However, the lead geneticist of the operation is the original Fontaine. Chester takes Fontaine to the original Fontaine who is an actual human and not a clone. We’ll call the original Fontaine, “Old Fontaine.”

Old Fontaine explains to Fontaine that the reason he’s doing the cloning is because of Ronnie. Remember, Ronnie is Fontaine’s younger brother who died from being shot by the police in a hate crime. Old Fontaine’s goal is to make everyone the same person to prevent what happened to Ronnie from happening again. So he’s turning all black people into white people as a way to keep them from suffering the same fate as Ronnie.

Some of the first test subjects were seen earlier in the film. For example, the white lab worker with an afro hairstyle whom Slick accidentally shoots and kills, the restaurant manager Yo-Yo seduces, and the corner store owner that Fontaine buys scratch tickets and beer from. All of these people were originally black people but were turned into white people.

After hearing everything he needed to hear, Fontaine ends up mind-controlling Chester into shooting and killing Old Fontaine by yelling out “Olympia Black.” Elsewhere in the underground lab, Slick Charles shoots and kills Nixon with help from Yo-Yo.

They set all the clones free and the media rushes to Glen to cover the story. As the media talks to the other Glen residents and clones, Fontaine, Yo-Yo, and Slick Charles make plans to take down all the other underground labs across the United States and release the clones. But this isn’t the ending of the film…

They Cloned Tyrone end credits scene explained: Who is Tyrone?

After the title card flashes on the screen, an end credits scene is shown and we finally find out who Tyrone is. A man that looks exactly like Fontaine except for his hairstyle wakes up and gets ready for his day. He lives in Los Angeles, California, and appears to be a gang member. But his day consists of doing the same things Fontaine did like talking to his mom through a door, working out, buying a scratch-off ticket and beer from the corner store, and hanging out with friends.

While hanging out with friends, he watches the news on TV and sees someone who looks exactly like him appear on the screen. It’s a news report of what happened in Glen and a news reporter is trying to interview a Fontaine clone. One of his friends says, “Aint that you, Tyrone?” The man now revealed to be Tyrone stares at the TV screen in shock, and then it cuts to the credits.

So, Tyrone is just another clone that Old Fontaine created of himself. Remember when Nixon said they have cloning operations all over the United States? Tyrone is part of the operation running in  Los Angeles. Now that Tyrone knows that he’s a clone, he’ll probably team up with other residents in Los Angeles and locate and destroy the underground labs there like how Fontaine did.

They Cloned Tyrone is streaming on Netflix.

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