Oppenheimer won't be on Netflix, but here's where to watch it now

Oppenheimer received multiple nominations at the Golden Globes and is expected to win big this weekend. Here's where you can watch it right now.

Oppenheimer in theaters July 21, 2023© Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Oppenheimer in theaters July 21, 2023© Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. /

You know the story of the atomic bombs at the end of World War II. Do you know the story behind the man who created them? Oppenheimer is the movie to watch, but where can you stream it online?

J. Robert Oppenheimer is a name that many will know. He was responsible for the creation of the atomic bombs that hit two Japanese cities at the end of World War II. The atomic weapons changed war forever, but the man who created them realized the damage they could do and wanted to correct the wrong.

The movie that was all the rage this summer when paired with Barbie to create the epic "Barbenheimer" event is available to watch at home now, but unfortunately it's not on Netflix. The film will be coming to Peacock very soon since it's a Universal Pictures property. For now, you can purchase or rent the movie on demand, but save a space on your watch list!

Oppenheimer in theaters July 21, 2023 © Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. /

Oppenheimer coming to Peacock in February

Of course, you’ll want to watch Oppenheimer at home, and you will be able to do so on Peacock beginning on Friday, Feb. 16. You can also rent the movie for $5.99 from digital retailers like Apple, Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, and Google Play right now. If you'd rather buy it, it's $19.99 and it is also available to purchase via physical media on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD.

There is some bad news about this movie. It isn’t going to come to Netflix. At least, not at first. This is a Universal Pictures movie, so the first streaming home is Peacock.

The second streaming home is likely Prime Video. While The Super Mario Bros. Movie will head to Netflix after a run at Peacock, other Universal Pictures movies have headed to Prime Video. It’s likely a deal with the animation studio vs. the live action studio.

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