Black Mirror season 6 easter eggs and things you might have missed

Black Mirror season 6
Black Mirror season 6 /

Black Mirror returned to Netflix with season 6 in June 2023. The British anthology series has delighted and horrified viewers with mind-bending stories since premiering in 2011. As new episodes emerged, fans noticed many easter eggs connecting the seemingly unrelated tales.

Spoilers ahead for Black Mirror Season 6. 

Season 6 adds five new stories to the series, and some of the fresh easter eggs and details may change how you look at Black Mirror.

Black Mirror Season 6 easter eggs and things you might have missed

Black Mirror. Cr: Netflix.
Black Mirror. Cr: Netflix. /

Streamberry Titles

The introduction of Streamberry in “Joan is Awful” might change how you look at Black Mirror. Easter eggs in the form of familiar titles referencing other Black Mirror episodes appear on the streaming app, such as Finding Ritman (“Bandersnatch”) and Loch Henry: Truth Will Out (“Loch Henry”).

For years, fans of Black Mirror have speculated that the show’s unrelated episodes all take place in the same universe. The show’s many easter eggs seemed to confirm this idea, but recently Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker had something new to say.

“If you don’t think any of [these episodes] are canon, just imagine it’s an episode on Streamberry,” Brooker told Den of Geek. “Now if people ask me ‘Is it a shared universe?’ I’ll say ‘Yeah, of Streamberry shows.'”

Sea of Tranquility

Speaking of Streamberry, another title on the streaming app is Sea of Tranquility, a fictional show within Black Mirror. The series is first mentioned in the Black Mirror premiere, “The National Anthem.”

In “Nosedive,” Lacie briefly catches a ride with a bus full of hardcore Sea of Tranquility fans. The show is again mentioned in “Smithereens” and “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too.”  In the season 6 episode “Mazy Day,” a news anchor says a former star from Sea of Tranquility. Internet sleuths have done a deep dive to determine exactly what this show is about.

“Anyone Who Knows What Love Is”

By now, Black Mirror fans can probably easily recognize the song “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is” by Irma Thomas. The song was first heard in the episode “Fifteen Million Merits” and has since been featured in five more episodes. In “Joan is Awful,” the song plays when Joan meets with her ex Mac at the cocktail bar.

Aaron Paul returns

Typically each episode of Black Mirror features an all-new cast portraying very different characters. In season 6, Aaron Paul starred in an episode titled “Beyond the Sea” about two astronauts on a deep space mission in 1969. However, Black Mirror fans might not realize that this isn’t Paul’s first appearance in the series

At the tail end of Season 4’s “USS Callister,” the crew hears a voice identifying himself as the “King of Space” and warning them to leave before he “blasts them to shit.” That very recognizable voice belongs to Aaron Paul.

Prime Minister Michael Smart

Set in Northern England in 1979, “Demon 79” tells the story of a woman named Nida who must commit multiple murders to stop the apocalypse. When Nida is choosing her last victim, the demon Gaap shows her what the future would look like if a politician named Michael Smart became prime minister.

Nida sees a horrifying totalitarian and anti-immigrant regime run by Smart. She also sees a vision of one of the robotic guard dogs from “Metalhead.” The episode “Loch Henry” also shows a brief glimpse of Michael Smart’s future. Davis and Pia find a newspaper about Iain Adair’s killings. The front page reads “Smart in Trouble,” which refers to the conservative politician.

White Bear symbol

The white bear symbol has become one of the most commonly recurring images in Black Mirror. It first appeared in the episode “White Bear.” In the episode, a woman named Victoria is detained in a kind of sick amusement park as punishment for murdering a little girl.

The symbol appears in many other Black Mirror episodes, including the season 6 episodes “Beyond the Sea” and “Demon 79.” Season 6 also opens up an entirely new interpretation of the symbol.

In “Demon 79,” Nida finds a talisman with the white bear symbol that releases a demon named Gaap. This demon informs her that she must commit three murders or the apocalypse will occur.

In “Beyond the Sea,” David, the astronaut, is forced to watch cult members murder his wife and two children. The cult also paints the white bear symbol in blood on the wall.

A new theory has emerged that some of the murderous individuals in Black Mirror actually acted under the orders of a demon in an attempt to stop the apocalypse. Interestingly, the cult members in “Beyond the Sea” do kill three people and turn themselves in to the police immediately after.

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