Who wins Five Star Chef? (ending explained and spoilers)

Five Star Chef - Cr: Netflix.
Five Star Chef - Cr: Netflix. /

Everyone’s latest cooking competition series obsession is the UK show Five Star Chef, now streaming on Netflix in the United States after premiering across the pond in June on Channel 4. Five Star Chef entered Netflix’s Top 10 chart within just a few days of its debut.

The show follows several hopeful chefs competing for the chance of a lifetime: to run their own restaurant in London’s lavish and exclusive Langham Hotel. It won’t be easy to make it through the gauntlet of challenges to impress the judges, but when the grand prize is the chance to make Palm Courts your own, it’s worth taking the risk.

Spoilers ahead for the ending of Five Star Chef

Resident chef Michel Roux Jr., restaurateur Mike Reed, and esteemed pastry expert Ravneet Gill judge our seven hopefuls. Across six episodes, fans watch as the competitors duke it out to see who has what it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of fine dining.

In the end, only three finalists are left standing! Keep reading to find out who makes it to the end, what they cook for the grand finale, and which chef wins.

Five Star Chef finalists

The final three competitors are plant-based chef Adria Wu, Caribbean cuisine aficionado Dom Taylor, and Jordan Brady, the master of three-flavor concepts.

Each chef has their strengths, but they also have their problem areas. Dom struggles to be a strong and decisive team leader, while Adria often goes over her time and needs better time management skills. Jordan has excellent concepts but sometimes lacks attention to detail, and his food isn’t always consistent.

Each chef goes all out in the finale, hoping to win the competition. They’ll have 50 guests to impress at the Palm Courts and two and a half hours to complete their service. Here’s what they each make in the sixth episode.

Adria Wu


  • Gazpacho
  • Barbecue tempeh biscuit sliders
  • Wild mushroom and bok choy salad


  • Hen of the woods mushroom
  • Chickpea panisse
  • Saffron cavatelli


  • Poached rhubarb
  • Ginger loaf
  • Dark chocolate ganache tart

Dom Taylor


  • Jerk chicken
  • Ackee and saltfish cakes
  • Gungo pea deal hummus


  • Curried goat chops
  • Roast baby cauliflower
  • Banana leaf baked sea bream


  • Bakewell tart with sorrel jam
  • Bun & cheese
  • Guinness punch panna cotta

Jordan Brady


  • Mackerel, rhubarb, & fennel
  • Beetroot, dill, & buttermilk
  • Pig’s cheek, lobster, & prawn


  • Hake, vichyssoise, & caviar
  • Wagyu, onion, & thyme
  • Lamb, samphire, & red pepper


  • Rum baba, pineapple, & lime
  • Chocolate cake with cherry & anise sorbet
  • Strawberry Eton mess, basil, & pink peppercorn

Who wins Five Star Chef and where are they now?

Ultimately, Dom impresses the judges most and wins. He reveals his plans to revolutionize the Palm Courts into a sexy Caribbean restaurant. His new place is The Good Front Room, which officially opened on July 15 in the Langham Hotel.

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