Rush Hour cast ages: How old were Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker then (and now)?

1998 Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan star in the movie "Rush Hour."
1998 Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan star in the movie "Rush Hour." /

If you’re looking for a throwback movie to watch on Netflix, there are three good ones perfect for a movie marathon right now. As of July 2023, all three of the Rush Hour movies are available on Netflix, and it’s no surprise that the original classic quickly made its way into the top 10.

In the first movie, the odd coupling of police detectives, played by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, team up to help aid the rescue of a Chinese diplomat’s kidnapped daughter. Due to the movie’s box office success, two equally successful sequels were released, and a fourth is in development.

The first entry in the franchise ranks as the highest-rated on Rotten Tomatoes with a 62% fresh rating, while the other two declined to 51% and 17% respectively. Regardless of how critics received the movies, they nearly made $1 billion collectively worldwide.

Since all three movies were released over (or almost, in the case of the third movie) 20 years ago, viewers watching in 2023 might be wondering how old Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were in the first, second, and third movies as well as how old they are now. Here’s their ages through the years!

How old was Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour movies?

Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954, making the movie star 69 years old as of July 2023. When Chan starred in the first Rush Hour movie in September 1998, he was 44 years old. In the sequel, which was released in August 2001, Chan was 47 years old. Rush Hour 3 was released in August 2007 when Chan was 53 years old.

How old was Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour movies?

Chris Tucker was born on Aug. 31, 1971, making the actor and comedian 51 years old as of July 2023 and 17 years younger than his Rush Hour co-star Jackie Chan. When the first Rush Hour movie was released in September 1998, Tucker had just turned 27 years old. Rush Hour 2 came out in August 2001 just before Tucker turned 30, and during the third film, he was nearly 36.

All three Rush Hour movies are currently available on Netflix.

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