The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 ending explained (part 1): Who attacked Mickey?

The Lincoln Lawyer. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in episode 203 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2023
The Lincoln Lawyer. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in episode 203 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2023 /

Mickey Haller returns to Netflix in the two-part The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 with a brand-new case. He may have gotten a murderer off with a not guilty verdict last season, but this time around, his latest case might have even higher stakes.

In the first part of the second season, which is based on the book The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly, Mickey battles in court against a new rival (played by Yaya DaCosta), while his new love interest (played by Lana Parrilla) finds herself arrested and represented by the Lincoln Lawyer himself. Talk about mixing business with pleasure in the worst way possible.

Maggie, Lorna, Izzy, and Cisco are also back to weather (and/or deliver) the ups and downs, and the ending of the first part of season 2 will have our jaws on the floor. So, where does the Mitchell Bondurant murder trial leave off? Does Lisa have a case for innocence? And what can we expect for Mickey in season 2 part 2?

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead from The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1!

Did Lisa kill Mitchell Bondurant in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2?

That’s the million-dollar question in the first part of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, and Mickey’s beginning to lose faith in his client and very complicated friend. Lisa insists that she did not kill Mitchell Bondurant, but after nabbing a small win against the People in the preliminary hearing, Lisa admits to Mickey that she actually was outside Bondurant’s building on the day of his murder.

Combined with the fact that Bondurant’s blood was discovered on Lisa’s gardening gloves and the missing hammer from her toolbox that’s suspected to be the murder weapon is still missing, the cards are stacking up against Mickey’s ability to defend her. For some reason, it’s really important to Lisa that Mickey believes that she didn’t kill Bondurant, and he’s having trouble hiding his doubts.

As of the ending of season 2 part 1, Lisa insists she didn’t kill Mitchell Bondurant and claims that she’s being set up. She could very well be telling the truth, or she could be lying through her teeth. Considering what happens at the very end of episode 5, there’s something incredibly shady going on in this case that Mickey hasn’t been able to see clearly just yet.

Does Mickey die in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1?

In the wake of Henry Dahl’s limited series announcement, Mickey gets into a brutal argument with Lorna over the missing contract for Lisa’s life rights. He blames Lorna for misplacing the contract, but she tells him she didn’t take the contract out of the case files in the Lincoln. Looking for the contract, Mickey searches the trunk of the car in the parking garage to find Lisa’s file empty.

He barely has time to process that someone broke into his car and stole Lisa’s casework until he’s attacked by two men. They beat him senselessly, punching and kicking as he lies on the ground. Mickey’s attempts to fight back are no match for this attack. Season 2 part 1 ends with Mickey lying unconscious on the parking garage floor… but there’s no way he’s dead. It’s his show!

The biggest questions for part 2 will be centered on who orchestrated Mickey’s attack, who were the attackers, and who stole the papers from Lisa’s file in Mickey’s car. Did Lisa make enemies with the wrong people? Is Alex Grant somehow involved? Perhaps the most shocking question of all to consider: Could Lisa be behind all of this?

What did you think of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1 ending? Stay tuned for more coverage when part 2 premieres on Thursday, Aug. 3 on Netflix!

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