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MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Peter Kramer/Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Peter Kramer/Netflix © 2022 /
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MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Parveen Kaur as Saanvhi Bahl and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Peter Kramer/Netflix © 2022 /

Manifest season 4 episode 12 recap: Bug Out

Well, she’s back. Angelina has been living in a van in St. Louis, Missouri, and has made friends with a fellow homeless girl who shares food with her. When the little girl, Nina, asks about her hand (which looks super gross now), she says she’s been “chosen by God” and she’s waiting for a sign. Since her hand was glowing, she’s under the impression God needs her again. Girl, we really don’t.

By some miracle, Zimmer agrees to put Michaela in the field as part of the Callings Unit, and Michaela realizes the shot in the arm she received was a tracker. She also has a 5 p.m. curfew. She’s brought on to assist with solving Joe Butler’s Calling and search for his son. In his Calling, he saw a commercial work order for city maintenance, heard violin music, and noticed a few numbers. It’s up to Michaela and Jared to put the pieces together and find Charlie.

Meanwhile, Ben’s still in solitary confinement having one hell of a Calling. He’s carving “wake him up” onto his wall with inconsistent spacing. Vance grabs Saanvi to help with Ben’s trance, but she allows him to work his way through the Calling. When he snaps out of his trance, he and Saanvi realize he’s created a map of the detention center. They follow the map Ben’s Calling created, but they have to hide from guards in a closet. Someone opens the closet, and Saanvi kisses Ben as a contingency plan. Luckily, it’s Vance and he helps them out. (But that kiss.!!!)

Ben and Saanvi make their way into a coded room where they find Captain Daly unconscious and sedated, something crawling under his neck. They wonder how he ended up here, and so do we, honestly. Ben realizes they need to wake him up as his Calling urged, and with the help of Saanvi’s favorite movie Pulp Fiction, she counteracts his sedation and brings him back to life. The alarm goes off before they can get Daly to speak to them. Zimmer later visits Daly and bugs fly out of his mouth.

Michaela and Jared call on Jared’s brother for assistance to locate businesses that match Joe’s Calling. Based on the numbers, they have a list of 15 locations to investigate. Nine stops in, they have no leads, but Mick and Jared have bonding time, reminiscing about the Around the World Bar and drinking Lithuanian lager. Their next stop takes them to an antique store where the shop owner shows them engagement rings. Awkward!

The pair call Olive but Cal answers and he speaks with Michaela about Joe’s Calling. He offers them more information about him from Ben’s research. When they come up short, Cal realizes he can try going into Joe’s Calling. By merely touching Joe’s photo, he’s back on Flight 828 hearing the violins and sitting in Joe’s seat. He sees the ink and the chandelier lights that didn’t stay dim. They return to the antique store and continue investigating in spite of the owner’s sketchy protests.

As Michaela looks deeper into the antique store’s basement and asks questions, the shop owner becomes more enraged. He holds a hammer to her back, seemingly planning to hit her over the head, but Jared stops him before he can swing. Unfazed, Michaela knocks down the wall and finds children in a room on the other side — a trafficking ring, Joe’s son Charlie among them. Naturally, the shop owner is arrested, and Charlie is placed with a foster family he loves and is able to visit his father.

Biggest Revelations:

  • Michaela receives another glowing visit from Zeke, and although she wants to know that everything will be okay, he can’t reveal anything about the future. Instead, he reveals that throughout their lives, they almost met multiple times, including a near miss at Rockefeller Center in 2007. How cute! Zeke visits her one more time at the end of the episode before Jared brings her a hug and a Lithuanian beer…
  • And on a different Michaela ship note, she asks Jared what he did with her engagement ring, and he reveals that he still has it. The confession hangs in the air between them, neither of them really knowing what to do with it. But isn’t it weird that he gave that ring to Lourdes?
  • Another ship note… Ben and Saanvi’s chess game. Did you feel the flirtatious energy in the air between them?
  • Saanvi secretly treats Polly, a pregnant passenger who’s attempting to keep her pregnancy hidden from the Registry as long as possible for fear of what they might do to her or her baby. Polly later reveals her pregnancy to help Ben and Saanvi get back from the basement undetected by guards. (Nothing happens to her yet.)
  • Cal, bored and banging a tennis ball against the wall, enters a Calling against his will and finds a bloodied apple on the plane. He also sees and speaks to Angelina, and she’s weird as always. But the blood from the apple remains on his hand. He sneaks out to the orchard and the barn, where he finds a body in the basement and knowingly says, “You.”