Meet the cast of Netflix survival series Siren: Survive the Island

Siren: Survive the Island Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Siren: Survive the Island Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix’s latest survival reality series is Siren: Survive the Island, an exciting Korean show following a cast featuring all women competing in dangerous challenges and fighting for survival on a deserted island.

If you enjoy shows like Survivor, Alone, or even the recent Netflix series Outlast, then Siren: Survive the Island should be the next choice on your watchlist. Six teams must do whatever it takes to make it out of the experience in one piece, including protecting their secret bases while trying to capture the flags from the other teams’ bases. Each of the 24 contestants also has a personal flag, and if they lose one, they will get benched, meaning their team will be down a teammate.

Given how many cast members there are to keep track of on this show, it could be easy to get confused or forget which person is on which team. Below you can find out exactly who all of the participants are!

Siren: Survive the Island cast on Netflix

The show features 24 contestants in total, divided into six teams of four. Each team represents a different job, such as firefighters, soldiers, police, and more.

Team Firefighter

  • Leader: Kim Hyeon-ah
  • Jung Min-seon
  • Lim Hyeon-ji
  • Kim Ji-hye

Team Police

  • Leader: Kim Hye-ri
  • Kim Hae-young
  • Lee Seul
  • Seo Jeong-ha

Team Guard

  • Leader: Lee Su-ryeon
  • Hwang Su-hyun
  • Lee Eun-jin
  • Lee Ji-hyun

Team Soldier

  • Leader: Kim Bom-eun
  • Kang Eun-mi
  • Lee Hyun-seon
  • Kim Na-eun

Team Athlete

  • Leader: Kim Hee-jeong
  • Kim Seong-yeon
  • Kim Min-sun
  • Kim Eun-byul

Team Stunt

  • Leader: Kim Kyung-ae
  • TBA (Some of the Netflix translations were missing, so, unfortunately, we don’t know the names of the other team members just yet!)
  • TBA
  • TBA

Siren: Survive the Island is now streaming on Netflix.

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