Welcome to Eden season 1 recap: 9 things to remember before Welcome to Eden season 2

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Get ready because Welcome to Eden returns with its highly anticipated second season on Netflix on Friday, April 21. If you recall, the first season ends on a shocking note with the main character, Zoa, faced with making a difficult decision. What will Zoa decide to do? How will things turn out for Africa, Charly, Ibon, and Eloy in Welcome to Eden season 2? What about the rest of the supporting characters? We don’t know yet, but we can’t wait to see how each character’s storyline unfolds in the second season.

Since it’s been almost a year since the first season came out, you might’ve forgotten about some of the things that happened in the series. No worries! We shared a Welcome to Eden season 1 refresher below. That way, you won’t be confused about what’s going on once you start the new season.

Welcome to Eden season 1 recap

Here are nine of the most important things to remember before watching Welcome to Eden season 2.

Zoa and select others are invited to a party on a mysterious island

Zoa and four others (Africa, Charly, Ibon, and Aldo) are invited to an exclusive party on a secret island thrown by a new beverage brand. Given instructions not to bring a plus one, Zoa goes against the rules and brings her best friend, Judith, to the party. Once they arrive on the island, each partygoer is given a wristband, but only select ones light up. While Zoa, Africa, Charly, Ibon, and Aldo get to drink the special drink (Blue Eden) at the party, Judith doesn’t because her wristband doesn’t light up.

After a wild night of partying and drinking Blue Eden, Zoa, Africa, Charly, Ibon, and Aldo wake up on the island with no recollection of what happened the night before. Zoa also notices that Judith is missing. A drone then flies by them and takes them to a settlement on the island where people live. A group of people watches them as they approach. Then, a woman named Astrid steps forward and welcomes them to the island named “Eden.”

What happens to Judith?

The next morning after the party, Judith is kidnapped by Orson, a member of the settlement on the island. Since Judith saw Ulsis drown another member of the settlement at the party, Orson and Brenda decide to kill her. They take Judith to the cliff’s edge, cover her arm with blue paint, shoot her in the head, and then kick her off the cliff.

Who dies in Welcome to Eden season 1?

Here’s a list of who dies in the first season:

  • Judith – Brenda shoots her in the head with a nail gun and then kicks her off a cliff.
  • Fran – It’s unclear how he dies, but it appears that Brenda did the dirty work.
  • Aldo – Brenda shoots him in the head with a nail gun.
  • David – An Eden Foundation member shoots him in the head with a gun.
  • Claudia – Brenda shoots her in the head with a nail gun.
  • Ulises – Ibon drowns him.

A mysterious person attacks Erick

A masked attacker wearing clothing with the “Lilith” symbol enters Astrid and Erick’s apartment with Ulises’s key card. They fight Astrid and Erick before stabbing Erick in the stomach and running away. The identity of the attacker is not revealed in the first season, but the list of suspects includes the teacher’s pets Saul and Brenda or really anyone a part of the community who’s against Astrid and Erick.

A young boy named Isaac lives on Eden

The next day after the party, Zoa sees a young boy outside her module. She tries to follow him, but he disappears. After being told that no kids live on the island, Zoa believes she imagined him. However, we later find out that the boy’s name is Isaac and he’s real. He also appears to have healing abilities because he somehow heals Erick with his hands after he’s attacked. But it’s never revealed who exactly Isaac is and why he’s on the island in the first season. All we know is that he has healing powers and wants to go to the “real” Eden. Could he be Astrid and Erick’s son? And what is the “real” Eden?

What is the Eden Foundation?

We never find out what the Eden Foundation really is in the first season, but we do know that Astrid and Erick are the founders. According to Astrid and Erick, they created the community to protect themselves and a select group of people from the outside world because they believe climate change will soon wipe out humanity. Once someone becomes a member of the Eden Foundation, they’re not allowed to leave. If someone attempts to escape, they are executed.

There’s a hierarchy system where the members are separated into three levels. The higher the level, the more access a member has. Astrid, Erick, Mayka, Brenda, Orson, Ulises, and Saúl are all level three members.

But there seems to be a deeper and more sinister reason on why Astrid and Erick decided to create the Eden Foundation. Hopefully, we will find out the real reason in Welcome to Eden season 2.

Do Zoa and Charly escape Eden?

It’s unknown. While Charly makes it to the boat to leave Eden, we don’t get to see the boat he’s on actually pull off. So, an Eden Foundation member could’ve caught him. On the other hand, Zoa is so close to reaching the boat, but then she sees her younger sister Gabi arriving on the island and stops moving. Zoa is now torn between leaving the island or staying for her sister. We’ll find out what she chooses to do in the second season.

Africa sends a signal to outer space

While Zoa and Charly enact their escape plan, Africa sneaks into Astrid and Erick’s apartment and finds a secret room filled with many computers. She hits a button on one of the computers, accidentally activating a satellite at Isaac’s module and sending a signal to outer space. As she tries to leave the secret room by getting on the elevator, the doors shut before she can hop on. Now, she’s trapped inside the room.

The private investigator arrives on Eden

After gathering all the information she could about Ibon and the other partygoers’ whereabouts, PI Brisa finally makes it to the secret island in the season finale. However, she’s not near the Eden Foundation compound just yet. I wonder what’s next for Brisa in Welcome to Eden season 2. Will she find and rescue Zoa and the others?

There’s a lot to be covered in the second season, and we can’t wait to see how everything plays out. Make sure to check out Welcome to Eden season 2, landing on Netflix on April 21.

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