Netflix Beef parents guide: Is the comedy-drama okay for kids?

Beef. Steven Yeun as Danny in episode 108 of Beef. Cr. Andrew Cooper/Netflix © 2023
Beef. Steven Yeun as Danny in episode 108 of Beef. Cr. Andrew Cooper/Netflix © 2023 /

If you’re looking for something good to watch on the weekend, all you have to do is make your way to Netflix because a new comedy-drama series titled Beef lands on the streamer on April 6. The show consists of 10 episodes that are about 30 minutes each, so there’s plenty to watch and enjoy.

Beef is a new Netflix original created by Lee Sung Jin. You might recognize Lee Sung Jin from his previous writing duties on the TV shows Tuca & BertieDave and Silicon ValleyBeef is Sung Jin’s first time as a series creator and showrunner.

The show follows two strangers, a down-on-his-luck contractor and a self-made entrepreneur, who engage in an epic feud after their lives converge during a road rage incident. Steven Yeun portrays the role of Danny Cho, the failing contractor, and Ali Wong plays Amy Lau, the unfulfilled entrepreneur. The rest of the cast includes David Choe, Young Mazino, Joseph Lee, Patti Yasutake, Maria Bello, Ashley Park, Justin H. Min, and others.

If you’re looking forward to watching Beef on Netflix, we must share with you the parents guide and age rating. That way, you know whether or not you can watch it with kids around.

Netflix Beef parents guide and age rating

The comedy-drama is rated TV-MA, meaning it’s intended to be watched by mature audiences only. It was given this age rating for strong language, sex, substances, and violence. Overall, this show may not be appropriate for kids under 17 years old.

Take a look at the official trailer below.

In the trailer, the two main characters are shown using curse words. There are also several clips in the trailer showing some of the characters using violence. There’s even one clip of Ali Wong’s character smoking. All of what we just listed would be considered inappropriate for a younger audience to watch by many parents. So we don’t recommend watching this show with young kids. However, it shouldn’t be an issue for children ages 17 and up.

Is there nudity in Beef on Netflix?

There’s an explicit sex scene in one of the episodes involving two characters. After the sex scene is over, the male character is shown putting his clothes back on. For a brief moment, you can see his naked back and behind. There’s also a scene where a character is looking up pornographic content and pictures of female breasts are briefly shown. Other than these two scenes, there isn’t any nudity/partial nudity in the show.

Is there violence in Beef on Netflix?

As we mentioned earlier, there is violence in this show. While there’s tons of violence throughout the series, it gets really violent toward the end of the season with some blood and gore. We don’t want to spoil anything, so if you’re a parent, we recommend checking out the series for yourself before letting your older kids watch it.

Beef arrives on Netflix on April 6.

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