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Copycat Killer episode 10 recap

No, it wasn’t a fantasy, Hsaio-chi really did shoot He-ping, but He-ping survives. Hsaio-chi is arrested and taken to prison. But it turns out to be for the best because, behind bars, Hsaio-chi reconnects with another prosecutor, You-wei, from the first episode.

You-wei tries to explain that he was only giving money to Zhenbang Construction to flush out criminals and then arrest them, but he couldn’t tell Hsaio-chi that on television. He gives Hsaio-chi the idea of “surrendering” to his opponent to win.

Hsaio-chi asks He-ping to be on his show to “apologize” to him and the world for misusing the law. While on the show, the killer “Noh” calls in, and Hsaio-chi uses the phone call to embarrass He-ping. Since his MO changed after Jia-wun died, it seems like the killer is now just a regular, ordinary killer killing people for revenge and petty things instead of the agenda he used to use.

We know He-ping gets really triggered by people calling him irrelevant or forgettable, and Hsaio-chi taps into that. He has one of the other prosecutors call in pretending to be Noh to orchestrate the whole thing, and He-ping loses his cool and goes into a tirade on air, confessing to all of his crimes. He’s finally arrested. He gets sentenced to life imprisonment, but on the day he exits the courtroom, someone in a Noh mask stabs him. He bleeds out and dies on the courthouse steps.

After Noh is taken care of, we get a time skip and see how everyone else is getting along. Hsaio-chi does get out of prison eventually, and he returns to being a lawyer.

He also regularly visits Yun-huei’s grave. Yan-jhen now has her own show and gets to do her special on the missing women and victims. Yong recovers, and so does his daughter, Yu-tong. After he gets out of the hospital, Yong also helps take down He-ping. He and Yu-tong have been working on repairing their relationship. Mr. Ma also seems to be doing better as his daughter recovered from her coma.

Overall, it’s a happy ending, and the last we see of Hsaio-chi is him returning to the court with a new client on trial. The internet is on the rise at the tail end of the 1990s, and now there are people using it to be anonymous and commit crimes. Yan-jhen is one of several reporters asking Hsaio-chi whether his client is guilty or not. But Hsaio-chi tells them he has faith the truth will find him.

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