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Copycat Killer episode 6

Copycat Killer episode 6 picks up in the immediate aftermath of the altercation between Jia-wun and Yong, Jia-wun returns to his killing lair to take out his anger on poor Yu-tong. As for her father, Yong is surprisingly still alive after his fall and rushed to the hospital in stable condition. Yan-jhen accompanies him. A devastated Da-chao remains behind with Yong’s replacement Wun-kai. Unfortunately, by the time the police arrive, Jia-wun is long gone. Yong was found by a few college kids who happened to wander by.

Hsaio-chi investigates the abandoned building, imagining what he thinks probably happened here, using Yong’s cryptic phone call to guide him. Hsaio-chi finds Yong’s gun left behind at the scene and recalls Yong asking him to take care of Yu-tong. Hsaico-hi takes the gun, I’m guessing he removes it from the crime scene to protect his colleague and hide it so no one finds out Yong was intending to hunt and kill Jia-wun himself.

Seeing the bloodstain on the concrete and being at the hospital reminds Hsaio-chi of a traumatic incident that occurred when he was a kid. Yan-jhen snaps him out of his reverie to tell him Yong broke several ribs and has some hemorrhaging. Thankfully, Yong is stable, but the doctor informs them they’ll need to wait and see. She gives them Yong’s smashed and bloodied wristwatch.

One of Kink’s investors, Chen Hung-liang, shows up at the police station with a good lawyer to intimidate Hsaio-chi into backing off from investigating the club any further. He insinuates Hsaio-chi might have a political agenda because Hung-liang is a House Speaker. But all Hsaio-chi cares about is continuing his investigation into Jia-wun. They tell him to get some real evidence first.

Jian-ho and Yun-huei get into an emotional fight in the aftermath of Jian-ho’s questioning. He accuses his sister of being overly controlling and studying him like one of her psychological cases. He believes she thinks he will become a psychopath because of his facial scar and the story behind it. After, Jian-ho calls Jia-wun and offers to help him get through his current predicament, suggesting he will stand by him even if Jia-wun confirms he’s the serial killer.

At this point, Copycat Killer is starting to lose me a bit. I’m not interested in this weird subplot that appears to want to humanize Jia-wun, who we’ve seen relentlessly rape, torture, and murder women. And if Jian-ho wants to be part of that or help Jia-wun get away with it, then he’s no better!

Since the House Speaker has stepped into the case and likely hidden evidence and witnesses on Jia-wun’s behalf, Yan-jehn steps in to assist with the investigation using her reporter skills. She and Hsaio-chi figure out that Jia-wun is Hung-liang and Pei-fen’s illegitimate son. That’s why Hung-liang has been going above and beyond to clear Jia-wun’s name. He’s been supporting them both all these years.

The detectives also connect another girl’s death to Jia-wun, Jhang Ming-mei. She went missing, and they later find her skeleton buried near Jia-wun’s home. Ming-mei’s mother has continued sending her money throughout the years, and Jia-wun has been taking it.

A flashback shows Jia-wun strangling Ming-mei after she discovered his childhood bedroom and the dresses his mother used to force him into. He strangled her, and it seems like that was his first official murder. With the discovery of a fourth victim, Hsaio-chi issues an all-points bulletin to arrest Jia-wun, sending all of the police force to places that Hung-liang owns or invests in and Pei-fen too.

But it turns out they don’t need to do that because Jia-wun makes a run for it with Yu-tong shoved into his trunk. Jian-ho tries to stop Jia-wun from leaving and “making more mistakes,” so Jia-wun knocks him out with a rock and throws him in the car.

When Jian-ho wakes up, Jia-wun is unraveling fast and sees the spectral vision of his dead sister all over the place. He loses it and tries to run her down in the middle of the road, steering the car through a guardrail and careening off a cliff. Jia-wun and Jian-ho are both killed instantly. Miraculously, Yu-tong survives and is taken to the hospital.