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Copycat Killer. Cr: Netflix.
Copycat Killer. Cr: Netflix. /
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Wu Kang-ren, who plays a no-nonsense prosecutor, in pursuit of a media-savvy serial killer. Copycat Killer. Cr: Netflix.
Wu Kang-ren, who plays a no-nonsense prosecutor, in pursuit of a media-savvy serial killer. Copycat Killer. Cr: Netflix. /

Copycat Killer episode 4 recap

Yong unravels quickly in the face of Yu-tong’s imminent danger. Hsaio-chi repeatedly has to keep him in check or threaten to remove him from the task force altogether since he obviously cannot keep his feelings out of the equation.

This comes to a head when Jian-ho is brought in for questioning after he receives the first phone call from the killer at TNB. Yong becomes convinced that Jian-ho is the suspect because he has ties to Kink and because he acts shady in general. Not to mention one of the bank employees who worked with Jia-yi said she saw her speaking to a man that fits Jian-ho’s description at the nightclub.

Yong tries physically attacking Jian-ho at the news station, forcing the other men in the room to restrain him. Da-chao escorts his mentor outside the building. Guess who pulls up? The killer! His telltale red van circles the parking lot, to the point Yong stares directly at it, unaware his daughter is screaming for help in the back. I guess the killer cannot be Jian-ho unless the man figured out how to be in two places simultaneously.

Just like what happened with Mr. Ma, the killer gives Yong explicit instructions to go live on-air and humiliates himself by begging and admitting to being useless. Only then, the killer says, will he reconsider killing Yu-tong.

The cops get a call regarding the red van. They find it abandoned, and Yong recognizes the keychain from Yu-tong’s phone inside, it sets him over the edge, and agrees to go on the news and comply with the killer’s demands. Hsaio-chi thinks it’s a bad plan.

He believes that Yu-tong will have a better chance of survival if Yong doesn’t comply since all of this is part of the killer’s twisted game. Hsaio-chi rushes to the news station to stop Yong from doing what the killer wants and arrives just in time. All Yong manages to do is apologize to his daughter, which is heartbreaking because the killer has her tied to a table and forces her to watch her dad.

Before Yong can do what the killer wants, Hsaio-chi interrupts him and speaks directly to the killer via the camera, promising to arrest him soon. Yong is pissed and physically attacks Hsaio-chi, promising to make him pay if something happens to Yu-tong because of his interference.

Yan-jhen gets an interesting new job offer from late-night host He-ping. He invites her to come work for him and promises to give her missing women’s special airtime. Ya-cih is surprisingly kind about Yan-jhen’s new job and even gives her some friendly advice.

Once Da-chao tells Yong what the witness told him regarding Jia-yi and Jian-ho, he takes matters into his own hands, assaulting Jian-ho outside of his work and trying to force him to reveal where his daughter is. Only when Yun-huei arrives does Yong stop, and we find out that Jian-ho is  Yun-huei’s younger brother. She patches him up and takes care of him.

The next day, Da-chao brings some of his findings to Hsaio-chi, and we find out Jian-ho has a juvenile record that was sealed. He allegedly assaulted a girl when he was a teenager, and the markings are similar to what we’ve seen on the killer’s current victims. Hsaio-chi warns Yun-huei that her brother is becoming a person of interest and he might need to question him further.

We get a chance to check in on Yu-tong and Zih-cing. As if it’s not bad enough that the killer is torturing and murdering these women, he’s also raping them, as shown by what he does to Zih-cing (although, thankfully, it’s not explicit). Yu-tong carefully cuts through the bindings on her legs with a discarded scrap she finds on the ground. Once she’s able to stand, she tries to escape with Zih-cing, but the killer catches her and strangles her, revealing his identity to the audience in the process. It’s the shady nightclub DJ, Jia-wun!

At TNB, Ya-cih is doing her nightly broadcast when the killer, who we now know is Jia-wun, calls in yet again. Jia-wun antagonizes Ya-cih, but she boldly belittles him and tells him off on live television, keeping him on the air long enough for the cops to trace the call. Jia-wun wants Yong to go back to the park where he once “forgot his daughter.” When he arrives, he finds a body under a bloody sheet, holding Yu-tong’s phone. Upon removing the sheet, the head of the victim falls off and rolls away, obscuring her identity from us until the next episode.